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  1. limitsreached

    FS: 2006 SV650S metallic grey

    limitsreached submitted a new listing: FS: 2006 SV650S metallic grey - FS: 2006 SV650S metallic grey Learn more about this listing...
  2. FS: 2006 SV650S metallic grey

    FS: 2006 SV650S metallic grey

    Do not let the kms scare you off - if you know the bike you’re looking at, you know that these motors are well documented to easily go over 150,000kms. This particular bike has been well cared for in the 3 years I’ve had it. Hard to say for sure what kind of life it has before but it was in...
  3. limitsreached

    WTB: Frame sliders for 04/05 GSXR600

    As title states. Out of stock everywhere and would like to replace the busted one on my track bike ahead of this weekends event. Thanks!
  4. limitsreached

    WTB: 04-05 GSXR600 rear subframe and tray

    As title states! Need ASAP!
  5. limitsreached

    Need an 04/05 GSXR600 rear tail/seat frame before next track day!

    Like my name suggests, I reached the limits of my rear tire and low sided yesterday at Shannonville. :sad1: I got all the parts ready but my rear tail/seat frame is bent badly! There is plenty on eBay but don’t think I will be able to get it in time for my next track days on Aug 5th and 7th...
  6. limitsreached

    427 NB Lanes closures for "Emergency Road Work"

    Anyone here get caught in this last night or this morning? Took me 1 hour to go from QEW/427 to 427/401EB. I don't quite understand what is so emergency when the ramp to the WB 401 has been left abandoned in what seemed to be a state of repair, for so long. The thing has been falling apart for...
  7. limitsreached

    Engine removal & Splitting lower case - 2005 GSXR600; Tips?

    At my last track day, I developed a substantial leak through my clutch push rod seal. Unfortunately, Suzuki thought it was a great idea to make the seal replaceable only via the inside of the case...just brilliant guys!:rolleyes: So that means I have to drop the motor and split the case in...
  8. limitsreached

    June 4th SMP Lapping - rain rain go away!

    With rain in the forecast(figures), is anyone here planning on going? I have yet to buy rain tires as I also need to buy spare wheels for them. Got a host of new parts on the bike including a new slipper and some new Michelin shoes so I am(was) excited to try it out! With the potential of...
  9. limitsreached

    Used Alpinestars Supertech R Race & Track Motorcycle boots Size 43 Yellow/white/black

    Used Alpinestars Supertech R Race & Track Motorcycle boots Size 43 Yellow/white/black As title states, I have for sale a well used pair of Alpinestars Supertech R boots in size 43. New booties with 2 tracks days in them. Obviously, these boots have seen a couple crashes but other than cosmetics...
  10. limitsreached

    FS: Used Dunlop Q3's, 120/180

    Hi guys, As title states. Had these on my track bike(GSXR600) for 3 track days so they have quite bit of life left, especially if being used on the street. Switched to a more track oriented tire to start this season otherwise I would have kept them on. Bought them new from ACE moto last...
  11. limitsreached

    What discs for my slipper clutch? 05 GSXR600

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Yoyodyne slipper and I am trying to figure out what clutch discs I should be using when I go to install it. OEM? EBC? Barnette? Others? Also, what material? Looking to sacrifice ultimate performance for a little more longevity if that matters. Bike in...
  12. limitsreached

    Wtb: 1985-87 gsxr750

    As title states. I have a friend in the US looking to buy.
  13. limitsreached

    Who modifies stock seats?

    Looking to have my stock SV650S seat modified to increase comfort. Reached outb to Spencer at who everyone seems to use but unfortunately he no longer deal with Canadians due to some tax/border related issues. He was well known in the SV world for his work so hoping...
  14. limitsreached

    Set of Take-off Dunlop Slicks KR451F and KR448R

    As title states, I am selling take off Dunlop slicks. Front: Dunlop NTEC KR448 - 120/70 Rear: Dunlop NTEC KR451 - 200/55 *Stored Indoors 1 heat cycle and around 25 laps. Came off my buddies GSXR1000 - Races in CSBK Located near Winstonchurchill/QEW $100 pictures...
  15. limitsreached

    Suzuki GSXR 600 .90kg front springs & 426# Rear spring

    As title states. For sale is a used set of front .90kg springs from a GSXR600 - not sure what make though. Also I have a rear spring, 2.25" I.D, 177mm length, 426# from a Penske rear shock. $70.00 Located near Winstonchurchill/QEW Pictures...
  16. limitsreached

    Recommendations needed for shock/fork re-valving

    Hey guys, I purchased my current track bike(2005 GSXR600) in the later part of summer and decided to just run the bike as-is to get some seat time without worrying about setup. Now that I have put three days on the bike, it works well considering the unknown valving/spring combo front and...
  17. limitsreached

    Track days in October?

    I frequently check but it would seem there are no more track days being held after October 8th. In fact, it looks like October 8th is now cancelled as TMP shows another event for that date. I am going to attend the Shannonville event this Saturday but with...
  18. limitsreached

    Anyone rent track gear?

    So I did my first track school with FAST a couple weeks back and had an absolute blast on my newly acquired track bike. Because of my late acquisition of the track bike, I didn't buy a one-piece suit or boots and decided to just rent gear from the FAST school instead. My plan is to purchase a...

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