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  1. NGreenSxrambler

    Bar end mirrors, worth it?

    Bar end mirrors break so easily when your bike wants to take a nap..... plus theyre so small and does not show nearly as much of the road as other mirrors, slight adjustment from my experience.
  2. NGreenSxrambler

    Hello, new member here!

    I live south, in Texas. Chicago was not the best place to ride but lots of farm roads outside of the city that are enjoyable!
  3. NGreenSxrambler

    Hello, new member here!

    My spouse has family in SD and we are planning a small trip there next year! I will check out your route. Been to Whistler when the Olympics were in Vancouver, beautiful. Im sure that was a great ride! Thank you for the welcome!
  4. NGreenSxrambler

    Hello, new member here!

    Hey guys, Thanks for adding me to this forum! I am an American rider who has been riding for the last 7 years and I am interested in expanding my riding across international borders. I have done a few rides in Europe but want to do more in North America. I have ridden as far north as Chicago...

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