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  1. moarmoto

    Working with derlin

    I have a pair of frame sliders made of derlin that is slightly too big of a diameter, maybe 2mm. Returning them costs the same as the product itself and inquiring about a turn down service at a local machine shop costs $75. I bought them for around $25. So I ask the knowledgeable folks here...
  2. moarmoto

    Make sure to read over insurance packages document

    Not specifically for bike but still... So, I called my insurance company to lower my deductible for both car and bike. When new updated documents came in the mail, I did a quick comparison and found that for my car, it was rated for Vaughn/Markham/Peel region (wrong area) instead of...
  3. moarmoto

    BMW 1000rr Factory documentary

    Just finished watching this documentary and thought it was interesting. Hopefully someone might enjoy it. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  4. moarmoto

    Fork spring spacer

    I'm planning to swap fork springs suited for my weight. I got a pair of racetech springs but they don't come with spacers. Reading bunch of forums I can use 1inch schede 40 pvc or abs pipes. I've been to all the big box stores and smaller plumbing stores and they only sell them in 10ft...
  5. moarmoto

    Not 100% motorcycle related but...

    Lids is having a sale on selected hats for 6 bucks. I saw a few alpinestars hats on sale, so kind of motorcycle related? There are others as well, but I'm not a sports person. To avoid shipping you can do pickup I think. Haven't...
  6. moarmoto

    Brake fluid reservoir

    Thoughts on this? Looks nice from pics and price is good. The reservoir relocation bracket on ebay that looks similar is about the same price.
  7. moarmoto

    Warning label removal help

    As I always have on all my bikes, I decided to remove warning labels yesterday. From my prior experiences, it should've been an easy job. Heat with hair dryer, lift up a corner, then peel off slowly, then remove adhesive residue with goo gone or bug & tar remover. To my surprise, the one on...
  8. moarmoto

    Buying a motorcycle with lien

    I have a bike that I really want to get about 3 hours away from me. I went over to take a look at his place. Everything seemed to be in working order, and price is reasonable compared to other bikes in GTA. The only thing is that the seller has a lien on it. I've done some research online...
  9. moarmoto

    2013 Ninja 300

    Sold. Though I kind of question its future well-being
  10. moarmoto

    Sena SMH-20 lookalike

    I've been using Dynamic Innovation Evolution V1 communicator between myself and my wife, which serves its purpose. But my brother just got a bike and in my search for a system set-up which allows conference call type ability. Some brands like UCLEAR, SENA, CARDO have units that allow that but...
  11. moarmoto

    For sale: RST Vector Gauntlet Gloves - Size XS (Women's or Men with small hands)

    Link below:
  12. moarmoto

    2011 Honda CBR600RR for sale

    For sale is my 2011 Honda CBR600RR. - 21k km (20835 km) - Yoshimura RS-5 slip-on exhaust - Double bubble dark smoke windscreen - OES frame sliders - OES swingarm spools - Shorty brake/clutch levers - Tank pad/gas cap cover/tank grip - Michelin Pilot Power new at 12.5k km - Owner's Manual and...
  13. moarmoto

    Guelph Line between Derry and Britannia

    Between Derry Rd and Britannia Rd on Guelph Line there's construction with gravel road. Was fine last week. They must've started the work sometime this week. I was going like 30-40 to feel comfortable.
  14. moarmoto

    FS: White Icon Merc Hero leather jacket/white Icon TiMax Gauntlet Gloves - Size Small

    ******************************** All Sold ******************************** I'm selling 2 items. More details (price, description) can be found on my Kijiji ad. Please contact me via Kijiji as it'll be faster. I would prefer to sell them both at the same time. Jacket...
  15. moarmoto

    12800km Maintenance for Honda 2011 CBR600RR

    IHi, I was wondering if I can get some inputs on the matter of service/maintenance. My 2011 Honda CBR600RR is approaching 12800km and as the owner's manual recommends, it's due for some service. I've changed oil and cleaned/lubed chain so far and visual inspection on fluids. Also have previous...
  16. moarmoto

    1984 Honda Magna V30

    I have for sale 1984 Honda Magna V30. It's an old bike and has some scratches and scuffs here and there but overall looks great, and is in good condition for its age. - Oil & filter changed every 3000km. - Brand new battery - Brand new chain - Starts & runs great, except that you need to...
  17. moarmoto

    Motorcycle Helmet & Body Armor - $50 together

    Hi, I'm selling 1 CKX Demon motorcycle helmet and 1 body armor, both for $50 Helmet: - Size S - Yellow tint visor - Bought as a secondary helmet, worn maybe 5,6 times. It's a bit small and I get headaches - CKX Demon model - looks pretty awesome. Similar to Simpson Bandit - Matte grey finish...

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