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    Tow Truck Turf War

    Very shady industry . I`m not sure how they are allowed to race each other on the shoulder to get to the wreck . There has always been rumors of biker clubs running many tow trucks operations .
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    New Ontario Blue Licence Plates- Your Opinion?

    They look cheap . I would hate to put that on my high end car .
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    Experience with Kreater Customs?

    They do great work . But once you ask for prices they start to look down on you . Most of their customers have deep wallets .
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    Quit our jobs, sold our home and everything in it, gone riding...

    I looks like a fantastic experience . Hoping to hit Japan in the next year or so .
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    Motorcycle Supershow Reviews?

    I really enjoyed the drag specialties booth . Got some great information on products I`m going to purchase .
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    YSR50 for $7500 ? I guess the one on FB for 5K is a steal .
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    Tail of the Dragon

    Cherohala is probably the best road for a ride .Usually very little traffic .
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    TV shows currently watching

    Great show gets better as the seasons go on . Shows you exactly how criminals behave .
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    Your winter maint. plans..?

    Probably install new front end cartridge in the forks . Plus install new mini ape hangers if I find a deal . If not I may just wait for Sturgis .
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    Does an MTO abstract use the Charge or Conviction date?

    Do not shop for insurance till this conviction is off your record . Most companies only run your abstract when you do a claim or change your policy .
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    Verrrry interesting - Bosch HUD for eyeglasses

    Interesting concept .
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    Motorcycle cup holder?? Why?

    Looking for the right holder for my bike . On the hot long rides killing miles . It`s a great idea to hydrate .
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    Bimota Tesi H2

    I`ll take one in black .
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    Any BBQ pros on here?

    Got a smoking deal on mine . Only used it a few times . So far it has served me well .
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    Any BBQ pros on here?

    Had Webber for 16 years and finally the flavor bars are gone . Can`t recall what I paid but it was a pretty penny at the time . I received a deal on a Napoleon and I`m happy with the upgrade . It has many features like a smoker . I`m keeping the Webber for a friend for their house . All I...
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Looks good from the picture .
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Saw a few bikes by Lindsay and Mississauga today .
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    Need a snowblower....recommendations?

    The machines have been the same for 30 years . Most parts are interchangeable to a degree . If you get a older machine in good condition . The only part you may need is a new belt . I bet you can find them still for 30 year old machines . Most snow blowers these days the difference is the...
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    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    In the real world we deal with facts not fiction and narrative . I`m sorry did I hurt your feeling ? Is that why you are trying insults .

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