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  1. GP_RZ

    New Ontario Blue Licence Plates- Your Opinion?

    Yup gone retro and with the Unificial Ontario chant from the 1967 expo, A place to stand , A place to grow, Ontari-ari-ari-o!
  2. GP_RZ

    How to remove a yamaha rotor bolt

    Good on you man, I use that method to get out the broken manifold bolts on LS engines, the time you have the weld built up the heat releases it and twists right out.
  3. GP_RZ

    What are you reading?

    Good read and makes perfect sense.
  4. GP_RZ


    Last coronavirus I had was from the LCBO might of even had a touch of lime disease to But really Canada should have a travel ban happening before this gets out of hand.
  5. GP_RZ

    Bill Burr on MotoGP

    That is pretty hilarious.. this guy is too much yet its funny!
  6. GP_RZ

    Bill Burr on MotoGP

    I tend to find this amusing ..ha ha Warning Adult
  7. GP_RZ

    OMG... RIP Kobe

    Yup, he is a grease spot now, comes around goes around.
  8. GP_RZ

    Sausage Fest in Brampton

    I thought eating meat is going to end the planet...
  9. GP_RZ

    OMG... RIP Kobe

    RIP for the others as well
  10. GP_RZ

    Any members here that have sleds too?

    Awesome yes we are suppossed to get some good snow on Saturday fingers crossed.
  11. GP_RZ

    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    So sick of them they teach kids these days a load of bs from climate change and to shoving things up their whahoo! Cant get any better!
  12. GP_RZ

    Any members here that have sleds too?

    First time out with sled this year, finally some snow.
  13. GP_RZ

    RIP: Neil Peart, Drummer from Rush

    Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67: 'Rest in peace brother' Thats a bummer as the guy was a Drumming Legend.
  14. GP_RZ

    Sometime people suck

    Man would I love to have seen the looters in action, even better if I could get my hands on them for a little taste of justice!
  15. GP_RZ

    Green plated to blue plated

    Thats has been my understanding as well.
  16. GP_RZ

    Please wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    What does Donald Trump have to do with Christmas? You sound like you have trump derangement syndrome.
  17. GP_RZ

    Car help! Smells like Rotten Eggs

    Correct they smell like a bad fart, smell that u better take cover car batteries pack a punch when exploding. We had a f150 with a bad battery in our paint booth it stunk and the hood and passenger fender were hot to the touch.
  18. GP_RZ

    So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?

    They are in the $5000 range +/- there is a place in Brampton that does it not sure of the name, saw 2 of them and both were pick ups with the tank mounted in box against cab. And disassemble a propane/natural gas motor and it will look almost new , no black carbon build up and sludge as a by...
  19. GP_RZ

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Went for a ride in Alliston area this afternoon. Was cold and some freezing rain and some fun wheel spin, fueled up and put to sleep in the garage for the season.
  20. GP_RZ

    Canada Votes 2019

    Trump will win 2020 with a landslide, dems are playing right into his hands..its very funny to watch .

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