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  1. Hardwrkr13

    Any members here that have sleds too?

    Rode Port Perry to Campbellford and back yesterday and finished the day with ~325km. Northumberland forrest is really good with lots of snow. Shows green but I had my doubts. I've been dividing my time between two sleds this year but in total I've got around 1500km so far as well. Weather is...
  2. Hardwrkr13

    Thinking about selling my 450

    Unless you want a play bike for ripping around town I'd sell it. Not going to be much fun outside of the city and it should bring back a decent penny since it's blue-plated. Can't give a value with no hours/condition stated but toss a new set of plastic on to sell if it needs it.
  3. Hardwrkr13

    TV shows currently watching

    Locke and Key (Netflix) - Hooked after the first episode. This one's good.
  4. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    156L storage capacity on the Victory Cross Country/Magnum with the tour top box. Most of the time I only needed my side bags as they were huge. 22L fuel tank would get me well over 400km on a tank (and usually closer to 500km). Extra bonus is it wasn't as hideous as a Vstrom.
  5. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Like I stated earlier my buddy loves the first season so far on his Vaquero so I'm sure you'll be happy with the model you chose and your needs from it.
  6. Hardwrkr13

    Norton goes bankrupt

    I recall seeing Norton back around 2015ish with a display at Mosport with there current two models on display and they were hunting for orders. I've loved them for many years before this and came close around that time of getting one to replace one of my SS bikes but hearing of people who had...
  7. Hardwrkr13

    LIGHTNING LS-218 - thoughts?

    Not in this bike as I'm not riding SS bikes anymore but when range increases and electric moves into ADV rides I'll fore sure be interested. I'll happily trade rowing through gears for the massive amounts of grin inducing torque coming out of the corners.
  8. Hardwrkr13

    This guy has cojones

    There's still some great people in this world.
  9. Hardwrkr13

    TV shows currently watching

    The Stranger (Netflix) was pretty good. Never finished Messiah as it never kept my interest.
  10. Hardwrkr13

    2019/2020 Raptors-NBA Thread

    Sorry but I don't predict Raptors anywhere near the finals. Bucks, Celtics, Heat, and even Pacers are going to be difficult for them to win a series against.
  11. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    No one's butthurt. You're just coming off as always making an excuse not to listen to the advice from current/former HD owners so therefor not looking interested in one. It's only the start of February so Kijiji/etc selection is low. No reason you need to get one right now. Wait a few months...
  12. Hardwrkr13

    Vintage Audio Gear - AV Home Theatre

    Just put one of your old receivers outside and hook up some outdoor speakers. Bring it back inside before the snow flies and you'll be fine. Punch a hole in the wall to put it inside if you really want but it isn't necessary. I don't suggest the external zone switch. Receiver will likely be ok...
  13. Hardwrkr13

    Superleggera V4 - yikes

    WAAAAAAAAA how dare Ducati price these bikes so high WAAAAAAAAAA ;) ;) ;)
  14. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    And to add, both big HD tourers and Victory's have heat issues on the rear cylinder. I can say that in Victory's case it's a emissions created lean issue. After I had my bike modded/dyno'd it both ran better and much cooler.
  15. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Cam chain issue is an easy fix. Knock money off price if it hasn't been touched. Most get dealer serviced so call the dealer they used and get the service history from the service desk (I've done this as well). Most will have exhaust done. When the owner gets tired of the popping/backfiring the...
  16. Hardwrkr13

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Some crazy on a bike going west on the 401 near Port Hope yesterday evening. Newer ADV bike judging by the lights (I was going the opposite way). Car display said -7c......
  17. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    See if you can talk this guy down to your price: If you strike out there, take a look at these two and see how low you can get them...
  18. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Just saw this post. In this case, unless you want to take a huge hit on resale and/or be stuck with a very hard to sell bike you should be looking at something that you can enjoy for 4-5yrs yet still flip easily at a somewhat decent price. Look lower mileage (we all know it'll help resale). Wait...
  19. Hardwrkr13

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Always sad to see a bike go (well usually) but the money in your hand and the kijiji searching right after makes it much easier :) I would have loved to keep my Victory as well as the Duc but the Vic would have mostly just sat and with Victory not being made it made sense to let it go. It's a...
  20. Hardwrkr13

    TV shows currently watching

    The Morning Show is really good.

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