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  1. J

    Merry Christmas!! And Free tickets to the Motorcycle Supershow!!

    Can't wait to see GTAM at the Motorcycle Supershow Jan 3-5 2020 at the International Centre Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    New Rider Quote

    Please be cautious with that weapon, I have only met one 19 year old with the restraint to ride within his abilities.. using your brain is not a strong suit among young males, lol
  3. J

    Can I burrow a drilling jig?

    I live in Brampton and have a full manual machine shop at my disposable, if you’re close I will happily help you out
  4. J

    RC - Radio Controlled Hobbyshop

    Thank you for that, I have a bunch of old school RC bikes that I might be able to run now, my favourite is my kyosho nitro bike, and easiest to use has been the venom VMX450
  5. J

    Lowside, Now Wont Start

    Is there a tip over sensor?
  6. J

    How to register FOUND motorcycle

    Anymore news, are the bikes for sale?
  7. J

    Where do I upgrade my licence?

    As far as I know you need to go the blue sign one( drive test)
  8. J

    How to register FOUND motorcycle

    Like I mentioned before, pm me and I will come get them. Zero effort on your part. Wife’s birthday is coming up, she would be ecstatic to not have to ride on the back anymore.
  9. J

    How to register FOUND motorcycle

    I will happily come pick up the r3, you wouldn’t have to do anything but point .
  10. J

    sprockets, bearings where do i buy them?

    Canadian bearing might have everything you are looking for
  11. J

    Pocket motorcycles - looking for parts

    One more thing, when you try to start it make sure the starter pawl is fully engaged before you pull for real, most of them are just plastic and can’t take being slammed into the flywheel. You only need a battery if you want to use the electric start, it has its own lighting coil with R/R
  12. J

    Pocket motorcycles - looking for parts

    I used to maintain a fleet of the smaller ones, had a couple like yours but sold them after I had “removed the Chinese” so they worked properly. I might still have some parts, do you have a picture of the tank? I would not run it 20/1, use a high quality oil, and run 35-40/1. And mix it the same...
  13. J

    Toronto dealer matches Pete's/Fortnine on tires

    I also picked up tires from them at the beginning of the season, was very happy with the price.
  14. J

    *** riding group proposal - easy pace riding ***

    Are you willing to let a noobie to street bikes, and group riding join you? Relaxed pace sounds great to learn group riding.. lots of dirt bikes and raced pocket bikes for years, just new(last year) to riding on streets.
  15. J

    99 zx6r fork legs Trade?

    99 zx6r fork legs. Crome in great shape seals and bushes look nearly new, lower legs need a repaint as someone got brake fluids on them. Willing to trade for compression clickers, or $100, or just your trashed lower as long as the clicker is still in great shape. Crome uppers $50 if separate...
  16. J

    Is a ninja 250 handlebar really one piece?

    The short answer is yes! It most certainly is. The longer answer is that the bar has a plug in the end that is welded in place, and then there is a cap that has a bigger diameter then the tube welded to the end. i found this out the hard way. I thought I could drill and tap the plug, then use a...
  17. J

    WTB, 2008-13 ninja 250 handle bars

    I would like to replace my handle bars on a bike I picked up. both are bent, left isn’t that bad, but right is totally F’ed up now after my attempt to do something with it. Please if anyone has any bars that will work on my new to me 2009 ninja 250. At this point I’m not too picky about...
  18. J

    Hello, new to forums and street riding

    Hello everyone, I have very limited experience with forums, looking to start riding on the street this year.. next year for sure. currently getting ready to book my m1x course, and looking for a bike that I can tolerate and afford. Many years playing in the dirt on powerful bikes makes a ninja...

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