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  1. Mad Mike

    Fair price for a 03 FJR

    Thinking about sellingn my 03 FJR. with 6 bikes in the barn, I just don't ride her enough - like to see someone enjoy her. She has a few scratches, never been down. 45K on the lock, has had every service done since new -- just had valves checked, swingarm service, LOF, brake/clutch fluid...
  2. Mad Mike

    what happened to Speedworx Superbike?

    Dropped by this morning and the shop was empty, clear to the bare walls. Anyone know what happened?
  3. Mad Mike

    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    I have no kids in school so the current union shenanigans are not directly impacting me. I am growing increasingly tired of the whining, media coverage, and the 'save the children' message used to camouflage greed. Do we even need unions anymore?
  4. Mad Mike

    Does an MTO abstract use the Charge or Conviction date?

    One of my kids has a few tickets, before we go shopping for insurance I'm trying to find out which date shows up on the MTO abstract. One of his tickets was earned in Dec 2015 but didn't end up getting settled until Nov 2017. Which date is the Ins company going to find on his abstract? What...
  5. Mad Mike

    Lightest smallest bike available

    I'm looking for a the smallest, lightest bike/moped/scooter I can find. I wish I could find a reasonably priced Motocompo -- that would fit the bill -- but they are too collectible and I'm not willing to pay $5k for a 40 year old scooter. Will be used as a grocery-getter when travelling. I...
  6. Mad Mike

    VW Warranty nightmare!

    My daughter drives a 2011 VW Jetta, the car is in immaculate condition with about 100,000km. VW offers a 12 year corrosion warranty however it's seems impossible to get a dealer to look at it. PFAFF service told me they are booking inspections for May next year and the repair would take more...
  7. Mad Mike

    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    Today Sportsnet fired Don Cherry. Do you think he deserved it?
  8. Mad Mike

    Queens Park is Back!

    Now the federal election is over, Queen's park is back in business. If you listen to the radio Public Service unions would have you think the sky is falling. Provincial PC rolled back some of the Liberal last minute Hail Mary spends by restoring funding to pre-election levels, and cut a few...
  9. Mad Mike

    Canada Votes 2019

    Surprised this discussion hasn't started yet, it looks like the PCs have a lead on voters, the Libs on seats. Polls have had a few rough years, lets see what riders think. CBC News Canada Poll Tracker
  10. Mad Mike


    It looks like GTAMOTORCYCLES has signed up with VigLink (Sovrn Commerce) to monetize words typed in user posts. Not sure I like the idea of a discussion form making money off content created by users. Thoughts? Read more: about VigLink at VigLink - Wikipedia
  11. Mad Mike

    Where is the Media afterwards?

    The media has been great at reporting downed riders this year, how about some pressure to followup on the bad guys? Sure the crash is sensational, but how about a little work to raise awareness of the penalties and victim suffering? The number of left lane injuries and kills is sickening...
  12. Mad Mike

    Ever see one of your past loves for sale on Kijiji?

    I just saw my 2000 GL1500 listed for sale on Kijiji (I think). Based on the pics, there are a few clues including mileage that are exactly conforming to my old girl. Brings back memories!
  13. Mad Mike

    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    There has been some debate over running the speed limit in a left lane on a highway and whether that's OK to hog as long as you are doing the speedlimit. Here's the OPP spokesman guidance on the subject. It looks like the OPP is pretty clear -- if someone is passing you on the right you are...
  14. Mad Mike

    What do OPP Ride?

    I'm asking because a friend just got pulled over charged with Stunt Driving. The OPP rider was using a handheld radar and said he clocked him at 160 then 162 at the 707/Warden underpass. When I do the math using data for the police special HD, he would have needed <10-15km to catch a car at...
  15. Mad Mike

    Killer on a sportbike - anyone know the bike & rider?

    YRP released pics of a shooter, they are looking for help identifying the rider. UPDATE: SUSPECT IMAGES AND VICTIM IDENTIFIED IN HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION FOLLOWING A SHOOTING IN MARKHAM
  16. Mad Mike

    Why I'd buy another Suzuki

    I've had several Suzuki's over the years and had nothing but great experiences on my Suzi's. A beat up TS125 2 stroke was one of my learner bikes. I likeed that bike so much a just bought a rough 1974 Prospector (4 high/4low) to restore. My SP125 is fun to ride around the city, perfect...
  17. Mad Mike

    Why I'd buy another Yamaha

    I've had several Yamaha's over the years and had nothing but great experiences on my Yammies. My TW200 was fun to ride around the city, perfect urban Toronto speeds, light and easy to move in city traffic and and $10 worth of fuel would get me 300km. In 25,000 KM the only thing I ever did to...
  18. Mad Mike

    SUV Clips Tourist on the QEW

    CTV TORONTO: OPP release video of motorcycle crash
  19. Mad Mike

    HD Livewire -- pre-ordering is live.

    Just got a notice from HD that it's time to put in a pre-order for a Livewire. Anybody ordering one?
  20. Mad Mike

    Motorcycle Sounds based on Firing Order

    Interesting sounds based on firing order, crank types and cylinder arrangements. Crossplane 4 cylinder engine firing order Yamaha R1 2009+ Transverse inline 4 cylinder firing order Yamaha YZF-R1 pre 2009 Harley Davidson 45 degree V twin firing order Ducati 959,1199,1299 etc L twin firing...

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