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    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Great video D! Looking forward to seeing more.

    Spain trip

    If you don’t mind riding a GS these guys look interesting. Have not used them but they offer bikes , self guided and organized tours in Spain and Morocco.

    We had the talk.......

    Motorcycling is always there, I took a long holiday (15 years) from it when we started our family and came back with much more passionate for it on my return 2005 Your children are very young now but the years from about 4 to 14 will be very busy and enjoyable time for you.

    ACF 50 any good?

    Good explanation and Sold @GP Bikes

    Some lawyers are going to be buying 2nd and 3rd cottages on Lake Muskoka once this is settled

    This case will not go very far but it will be a warning to gun manufacturers. It can become a tactic of anti-gun lobby to tie these companies in litigation. Companies and investors hate litigation. If there are enough cases, a judgement will go in favour of a plaintiff or a settlement will be...

    Yamaha Tenere 700

    Surprisingly this bike took forever to get to Market given the motor and excellent Tenere 660 already existed Sat on it when it was being circulated to dealers a few weeks ago. Very high seat and ruggedly crude for the intended off-road focus. Will be interesting to see how it performs on the...

    So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?

    Typical Tesla move, announcing something half baked to get some of the attention Ford is getting with their Mustang EV.

    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    A repost from FB

    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    Yes, he should have been fired, and should have been years ago. However, more concerning, we elected a PM despite his unacceptable behaviour.

    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    Most of the classic sport touring bikes are or will be gone due to the shift in the market to the cross sport Adventure type bikes like the Multistrada, S1000XR, Versys and Yamaha Tracer 900GT. Kawasaki revealed a modest refresh of their Ninja 1000 and still have their Concourse but like the...

    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    KTM 890 Duke They added displacement and more power (121HP) to this already fast bike.

    Steve Bond

    Sad news indeed. Always enjoyed his Moto articles in wheels. Was fortunate to have met and to ride with him on a few Sunday morning rides a mutual friend hosted in the Port Hope backroads.

    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    Can only hope so! Great and modern alternative to the Vstrom

    EICMA 2019. Post all new bikes or updates from show

    Stating a thread to keep the new launches in one spot. Let’s see and hear what you like at the show Hopefully someone from the Forum is in Milan Like the new Yamaha Tracer 700 and the new BMW F900r and F900XR

    Why I'd buy another Honda

    Generally, if you torque steering head bearings at the required service Interval as specified by the manufacturer, they should last a long time. Agree, ST bearings are often overlooked. On many bikes, the fork oil is changed at the break in service and then every 2- 4 years after. Very critical...

    Back to doing what we all love the most - Riding Motorcycles!

    Nice bike! I ride the mild mannered brother (R1200R LC) with all the electronic nannies. You will like the active suspension, cornering abs, modes and the electronic cruise control. There are a few s1000r owners on here. You may want to consider looking at the specific site for your bike...

    Kijiji people are evil

    Gave up on selling my bike on Kijiji and traded it to the dealer I was buying from after dealing with a few. But sold all of my BMW accessories on Kijiji and those were all positive exchanges.

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Awesome weather for a ride today. Just back from a 6 week vacation so great opportunity for a ride. Ride down to the Escarpment and had a brief stop at the Steeltown Garage coffee shop in Hamilton but they were closed . Will have to visit again. Rode along and up and down the escarpment to...

    I Should Choose same model 2012 vs 2015 ?

    Wow very low mileage. Assuming they have been treated equally Ideally get the newer MY as it most likely would have received factory upgrades or in production over 3 model years. Investigate the changes on the specific bike. Also the market value on the newer bike will be higher with less...

    Which App

    Eat Sleep Ride and Rever are complete waste of time apps, unless you are into the social aspect and where the bike friendly (bar) stops are. Neither have proper planning functions but are good at tracking so you can post routes for others. The last time I checked, very little activity in...

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