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    Wtb rear gp lift stand

    Anyone have any gp lift rear stands? Not spools or swingarm lift. Cheers Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Wtb 8.3mm valves

    Anyone have anything? Seems my galespeed ones walked away somewhere. Thanks Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Suit tailoring

    Who can take in and tailor a kangaroo suit in the area? Who are the best for doing this? Cheers Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
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    Track bodywork box

    Anyone happen to have a box from some track bodywork around? Need to ship some to a buddy but don't have a box big enough. Cheers Sent from stfu
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    Wtb servo buddy

    Anyone have a gsxr servo buddy? Sent from my phone
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    Auto tune question

    Does anyone happen to have an auto tune, my connection cable between the pcv and auto tune has gone mia.... So I need to look at one or borrow one to get this lil box running... Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Sent from my phone
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    04 gsxr 1000 acceleration issue

    Friend has an 04 gsxr 1000, minor mods, power commander, full exhaust, pair mod, pc3 usb, manual cct etc.... he is having issues with it accelerating past 7-8k rpm, says there is a studder and it falls flat and not wanting to pull through...also the more throttle you give, the harder and more...
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    chain links

    this may seem like an odd request, but im looking for some erv3 links, the left over ones someone has from cutting a chain to length... if anyone has anything, lmk, needed ASAP Thanks
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    f4i experts

    anyone have any idea where the freeze/frost plug location is on these?? Friend of mine left the bike outside over winter, with nothing but water in it... and now the oil is obviously milky as the bike is being run, unless they dont have them, and now the bike has a cracked head... which is more...
  10. K

    Cheery Blasters

    Hey does anyone know where i can get a 1kg bag of these? they used to be sold everywhere, but for the love of me, i can NOT find them outside of the gta....
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    wtb 05-06 gsxr 1000 ram air tubes

    As the title says, looking for a set of ram air tubes... lmk what you have Thanks
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    wtb: gsxr 1000 04 triples

    looking to convert back to stock clamps... anyone have anything? upper and lower pls Thanks
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    1986 honda vfr 750

    just posting for a friend of mine bike is an 86 vfr 750, bike is in good running shape, needs 2 minor parts of the carbs replaced, but they are on order as we speak, has re surfaced rotors, new front tire, pads/chain/sprockets are are in decent shape. Body work is very rough, could be used...
  14. K

    kawasaki speedo healer harness

    would take the full thing, but really just need the harness..... does anyone have one they are going to use on a diff bike? and would be willing to part with? lmk asap Thanks
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    wtb veypor

    as the title says, looking for a veypor gauge.... anyone have anything, v1 or v2 Thanks
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    f4i wiring harness question

    does anyone else happen to have an extra 4 injector plugs on their harness... or have any idea what these extra 4 injector plugs are for? ive got a harness thats totally out of the bike, and a bike that needs a harness... but the problem is, seems the service manual shows only 4, but for some...
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    brake pressure switch

    anyone have anything? looking for a brembo thread, or standard oem style thread.... lmk what you have cheers
  18. K

    Eye surgery

    Has anyone gone for this? If so, who did you go too, and what costs, pain, recovery times etc did you experience.. Sent from my HTC-Z710a using Tapatalk
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    wtb 04-05 zx10 fairings

    looking to put my race bike back to street trim.... looking for a complete bodykit lmk what you have Cheers
  20. K

    swapping rear ohlins springs

    who in the gta area, can do this quick and not charge an arm and a leg for a 5 min job... shock is off, new spring in hand... and its honestly a 5 min job, done it tons of times, when i had the spring compressor, which i dont now... thnx

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