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  1. MacDoc

    Shipping 3 bikes out west

    $550 sounds correct one way.
  2. MacDoc

    Recent movies you saw - recommend or no

    Parasite was a treat tho not likely everyone's cuppa. Code 8 is a a decent Canadian sci-fi flick ...grungier X-men. Some movies like Dunkirk really need the impact of an iMax theatre both visually and the big sound system. Ford vs Ferrari needed the impact too. I'm been pleased recently that...
  3. MacDoc

    Shipping 3 bikes out west

    The first time we did fly out ride back we had 22 days allocated and used 20 as we tracked back east travelling behind storm systems in June. So we rode to keep them in front of us. We covered decent ground in BC ( Hwy 99 notably ), Vancouver Island, then across to Glacier, Yellowstone and...
  4. MacDoc

    Shipping 3 bikes out west

    I fly out to Calgary or Vancouver and ride back across with the weather systems. $1000 one way per bike and $300 per ticket. If you swing down through the States coming home you can catch some good routes ..Glacier, Yellowstone, Chief Joseph then legal high speed slab home. There are trucks...
  5. MacDoc

    Superbike racing 1st person view

    I was surprised how rough it was on some parts of the track even on extreme lean angles...
  6. MacDoc

    Motorcycle Navigation

    Furkot is excellent for trip planning. The interface a bit of a challenge but worth even for the trips it references.
  7. MacDoc

    Superbike racing 1st person view Of course the odd camera lens is making it even wilder. What to do when it's -10
  8. MacDoc

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Oops I was hunting on the right one :unsure: :eek: Indeed there is no red for 2014.
  9. MacDoc

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Great deal if legit. Appears there is a red/black 2014
  10. MacDoc

    Dakar fatality - Paulo Goncalves
  11. MacDoc

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    hah - was just thinking of you the other day Oomis. Glad to hear you are out riding. (y) Lightcycle you getting cranky as you age ;)
  12. MacDoc

    what to buy?

    FJR seems on the money. The category I think is sport tourer but something comfy for the pillion which might leave out the VFR
  13. MacDoc

    Spain trip

    I swear there are tons of signs going TO a city and not one to exit ;) It's a plot.
  14. MacDoc

    We had the talk.......

    Loved your post except this two thirds of riders never get into an accident ...I'm 55 years riding and in that group and I've had my hooligan moments but audio books keep the agression way down. Of course the CB500x does not cater to stop light fun but the CBF1000 sure did tho it wouldn't pass...
  15. MacDoc

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    This is showing cloud precip - my go to. But risky with that temp of icy patches Pretty clear NWS - National Mosaic Radar Image: Full Resolution Loop But could be local conditions. Wind showed some early - you should be okay in the afternoon.
  16. MacDoc


    Yup - maybe more swap meets are in order...too bad the Haugen's events are not anymore. Particularly when manufacturers and suppliers had small booths.
  17. MacDoc


    Perhaps look up fractional lending and we'll leave it at that. They are chartered by the Canadian Banking Act and last time I checked....that was our current community. Fractional reserve is useful when used to match an expanding economy with money supply...disastrous when it fuels...
  18. MacDoc

    Planing a trip with my son for this coming summer

    The fog can be brutal and sudden.
  19. MacDoc


    Um other businesses are not chartered to multiply their renting the same house to 30 different people all at once. Because they are chartered by the community they have a responsibility to the community they serve. Credit unions do a better job in that regard. When the four...
  20. MacDoc


    Spoken like a true corporate lackey. Nice theory. I have very high cash flow, I retain my first client from 35 years and and no issue paying it back but I don't own property. So no I don't get the time of day from the banks. You will hear that story across the small business spectrum. Other...

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