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  1. 2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S

    2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S

    As mentioned in the Reasonably Priced thread, looking to sell my motorcycle. Heading to SF and would rather spend the money I'd spend on insurance and maintenance on rentals when traveling and the occasional rental there. I'd prefer to sell in spring but we'll be leaving by mid-February so I'll...
  2. jonpurdy

    2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S

    jonpurdy submitted a new listing: 2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S - 2009 Kawasaki KLX 250S Learn more about this listing...
  3. jonpurdy

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Much appreciated for the opinion. I edited the post to mention that it does include the OEM exhaust as well; I've got it in the box the FMF exhaust came in.
  4. jonpurdy

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    I'm thinking of selling my KLX before moving to the west coast (USA). I'd rather not end up in the "Overpriced" thread so figured I'd run it by you here first. 2009 KLX250S 25,000 km Dynojet jet kit + FMF Q4 exhaust (this bike is lean from the factory, so bigger jets were necessary even without...
  5. jonpurdy

    Ganaraska Forest Fails

    Finally had some time to put together a short film using the clips shot a couple of summers ago. Drone, mirrorless, and GoPro all represented. By the end of the summer I realized that picking up a bike multiple times a day in high humidity was difficult enough without having to deal with filming...
  6. jonpurdy

    Klim Latitude Misano S jacket and pants

    jonpurdy submitted a new listing: Klim Latitude Misano S jacket and pants - Klim Latitude Misano S jacket and pants Learn more about this listing...
  7. Klim Latitude Misano jacket (small) and pants (32)

    Klim Latitude Misano jacket (small) and pants (32)

    I figured I'd post here before putting on Kijiji. Looking to sell my Klim Latitude Misano suit (both the jacket and pants, separate is fine). I purchased it in late 2014 alongside my KLX. I've outgrown the jacket (literally) and I have a pair of Klim Mojave pants I've been using instead of the...
  8. jonpurdy

    KLX250S Stuttering When Warming Up

    Background: had carb issues in the spring (poor performance and took a long time to warm up). Got carb cleaned ultrasonically and this seemed to correct the issue. Though it came back a couple of months ago. Issue: When cold starting the bike, it takes a long time for the bike to idle smoothly...
  9. jonpurdy

    KLX250S Smoking Material Under Exhaust Clamp

    I've got a 2009 KLX250S which I'm very happy with. Other than getting it started in the cold, it's fantastic. When starting it up today I noticed smoke coming from the end of the exhaust header. It looks like there's a material between the header and pipe connected to the muffler directly below...
  10. jonpurdy

    Rider down just west of Jane and Bloor; okay

    7:40 this morning pulled over to assist a rider who had come off. Looked like injured leg and rib but he was walking with assistance once EMS showed up. GWS!
  11. jonpurdy

    Are older bikes high maintenance?

    So I'm heading to China and will soon sell my F800R. One of the things that I loved about this bike is that, like most new bikes, it just worked all the time. I never had any issues in the 25,000 km that I put on it since 2011. With regular maintenance, I would expect it to go for quite a long...
  12. jonpurdy

    Car Insurance Question (Sorry!)

    GF is buying a car. Lives at home with her mom. Father lives abroad and only lives at home for three months or so per year. Can GF put her parents at primary and secondary drivers and her as tertiary? Or would she have to be primary or secondary herself. Her Mom currently has a car but I'm not...
  13. jonpurdy

    Funeral Convoy: What to do?

    I haven't seen one of these since I got back but encountered two today. Cops hold up traffic but don't seem to mind people getting into the convoy. What is the law? Basically do what the LEO instructs you to do? Or can you just follow normal laws and pass it?
  14. jonpurdy

    WWYD: Sell the bike dilemma

    So I've had my '11 F800R for almost a year now. Love it to pieces. It was a great upgrade from a Hyosung GT250R when I got back from Korea. I've put on almost 19,000 km (4,500 was from a trip to Florida). My dilemma is this: insurance is a good chunk of change and the monthly payment is the...
  15. jonpurdy

    Air Canada: Fee to choose your seat?!

    Booking a flight to Vancouver from Toronto. It's saying that it's $46 for preferred seating and $31 for any other seating. So I can't even choose my seat without paying?! The last time I booked I paid $25 for preferred seating (since it was a connecting flight from Korea). This is insanity and...
  16. jonpurdy

    Cost or doing a single burnout? (Like, in dollars)

    So I was thinking: how much would a single burnout actually cost in terms of fractional maintenance on one's bike? Assuming a five second burnout sport touring tires that typically get 10K out of a set. Doing a burnout burns rubber faster than riding them for that many rotations but how much...
  17. jonpurdy

    Forgot to pay a ticket; suspension

    I just got a notice in the mail about my license being suspended. I thought I paid a ticket but it didn't go through. I just paid it now and I have to go to pay the reinstatement fee tomorrow. I didn't worry about it because you used to just pay your fees when renewing your license. I don't...
  18. jonpurdy

    Do motorcycle tires get more slippery as they wear down in a short period of time?

    I'm almost at 10K on my F800R fitted with the stock Sportec M3 tires. Lately they have felt like they haven't had as much traction as before (with the ABS going on more frequently, too). I've only had them for nine months so they're not old. But do tires lose a noticeable amount of traction as...
  19. jonpurdy

    Toronto to Florida in June

    I'm gonna take off for a week and a bit in June to visit a friend down in Tampa. Here is a rough sketch of my route down there (based on quickest route without interstate and moved a bit more to the coast): Day 1 Toronto to Altoona, PA Day 2 Altoona to Dunn, NC...
  20. jonpurdy

    Zipper Installation

    I picked up a Berik textile jacket while in Korea but didn't purchase pants. When I came to Canada I picked up some Dainese textile pants but the zipper doesn't fit (of course). Any recommendations as to a place I can go to get a zipper sewed into both the jacket and pants so that they can zip...

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