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  1. SeeThruHead

    An avid motorcycling enthusiast

  2. SeeThruHead

    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Wow that looks amazing. Definitely getting a dual sport this season.
  3. SeeThruHead

    Motorcycle Navigation

    I just signed up for and tried to plan a trip using Butler maps. Little did I know there are basically no butler maps for Canada. So I'll be getting a refund most likely. Though the application is actually quite nice.
  4. SeeThruHead

    Motorcycle Navigation

    Ah I see! The new zumo's all have the same thing the montana has then.You can show any track on the map as a line in any color. Looks like they are closer now to the montana than they were with the 660. Thanks!
  5. SeeThruHead

    Motorcycle Navigation

    Thank you! That's very interesting to hear. So either way a montano or gaia (both have great track capability so i've heard) would be better for those kinds of trips. I still wouldn't mind getting some automated help to find nice twisty roads though. But not enough to justify having both...
  6. SeeThruHead

    Motorcycle Navigation

    So I'm planning to do some longer trips on a new bike in the upcoming season. Lot's of road and offroad miles is likely. I want to work my up to doing something majorly offroad like the "Great Continental Divide Ride" within the next 2 years. Currently looking into trip planning and navigation...
  7. SeeThruHead

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    I did my commute on Monday. Not going fast enough to really feel cold. Heated gloves would have been nice though.
  8. SeeThruHead

    Bike options for 5f 90lb rider

    As another person with a short inseam a lowered CB300R is a great first bike.
  9. SeeThruHead

    New here.

    Uh hello all. I'd always wanted a motorcycle. A coworker got one last April and I decided on a whim to buy a bike. Went to Powersports T.O. and got a CB300r for 4500. A week later I had my m1 and m2 class completed and the bike insured. Coworker and I did some longer trips. Up to Bruce...
  10. SeeThruHead

    18 Year old CBR 125 insurance

    I got a cb300r as my first bike (at age 32 though) and payed around 115 a month. (fresh m2) I recently got my g2 as well and inquired around for insurance on some 2000's era toyota sedans (good car for me to buy I thought) and could not find insurance for lower than 350$ a month. So the idea...
  11. SeeThruHead

    suggestions for a small blue plate dual sport

    wr250r comes up as an amazing bike smaller than the drz400
  12. SeeThruHead

    We had the talk.......

    Get into off roading! Much safer and possibly more exhilarating.
  13. SeeThruHead

    what to buy?

    Most 'adventure' bikes are better on road than off, and make great alternatives to gold wings. V-strom 1000 makes an amazing on road long distance tourer. The new triumph 900 GT also looks amazing.
  14. SeeThruHead

    Suzuki DRZ400 SM

    I'm also thinking about getting one as well. It's the perfect tinkerers bike imo. So many mods of all skill levels. I'm particularly in love with Federal Moto's Big Suzie build There's something for...

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