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  1. 172Driver

    Loan me a loading ramp for a 12 pack?

    Georgetown if your close
  2. 172Driver

    2019 Ontario and CSBK Racing Calendar

    Works for me!!!
  3. 172Driver

    2019 Ontario and CSBK Racing Calendar

    It REALLY works for me if it doesn't!!! Two times at Shannonville doesn't either but way better than western rounds
  4. 172Driver

    2019 Ontario and CSBK Racing Calendar

    Where'd you hear that? Seemed like it was dead set to happen at the end of the season
  5. 172Driver

    2019 Ontario and CSBK Racing Calendar

    You are thinking CSBK will do start and end of season at Shanny? I'm thinking round 1 will be early and in BC, then SMP-GB-AMP-CTMP like the previous few years just pushed back a bit to make a gap between round 1 and round 2 and account for the missing St. Eustache
  6. 172Driver

    Triumph Daytona 675 Race bike

    I'm selling one of my Daytona 675s, check out the Kijiji ad below. Great bike, I'm just downsizing a little for next year. I can possibly help out with delivery. 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 Race Bike | Sport Bikes | Oakville / Halton Region | Kijiji
  7. 172Driver

    Triumph Daytona 675 Race bike

    172Driver submitted a new listing: Triumph Daytona 675 Race bike - Triumph Daytona 675 Race bike Learn more about this listing... SOLD!
  8. 172Driver

    Goodyear UltraGrip Winter tires

    Selling a set of Goodyear winter tires. Size 215/60-16 on 5x112 wheels. Details in the ad ->HERE<-
  9. 172Driver

    Hard Time Taking Off AGV K-3 SV Helmet

    AGV have a tight opening I find. Raced in AGV for years and on/off was always tight with a perfect fit, even had to spin my earring around to get it in without ripping it out. I'm racing in a Shoei this year and its much easier to get on/off with a similar fit.
  10. 172Driver

    Tail of the Dragon

    Funny, I was down there last weekend and I didn't enjoy the Tail of the Dragon at all. I did it because it was the touristy thing to do! I've never been in 1st gear for so long as I was on the Dragon, just an endless freight train of Harleys, literally clutch in revving mid corner as they...
  11. 172Driver

    Twisted Road rental

    Wondering if anyone has used Twisted Road to rent a motorcycle before. It seems like the motorcycle version of Turo! Any experiences to share, good or bad?
  12. 172Driver

    Zero Gravity DB windscreen

    Selling a clear, brand new, never used Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen for Triumph Daytona 675 Will fit 2009-2012 street (OEM) body work. I'll take $140 for it.... they are just over $200 after taxes from a shop.
  13. 172Driver

    TCX R-S2 EVO Race boots(white)

    Selling brand new, in box with tags pair of white TCX R-S2 EVO race boots. Size 44. I bought two pair, one for me and one for a friend. His don't fit. I'm offering them up for the exact deal we got for them, basically cost of boot and splitting shipping costs 50/50. Figured I'd offer the...
  14. 172Driver

    2008 Daytona 675 (RACE BIKE)

    My ad has disappeared for some reason so I'm putting her back up here.... Still all the same, I'm going to start getting body work and spares for the new bike repaired and painted soon and I figure I'll get the body work on this bike in tip top shape too. If the bike is not sold by the time...
  15. 172Driver

    Winter tires 205/55-16

    Selling a set of Continental WinterContact, sized 205/55-16 They are mounted on wheels with 5x112 bolt pattern. They came off a 2012 Golf TDI. Tires are in great shape, tons of life left in them. They have about 1.5 winter seasons use on them, stored indoors through the summer. We bought...
  16. 172Driver

    2008 Daytona 675 (RACE BIKE)

    Putting up my Daytona 675 for sale. It is 100% race ready, tons of info in the kijiji ad linked here. It would probably be fastest to get a hold of me through the email on kijiji rather than PM here. LINK...
  17. 172Driver

    2015 ktm rc390

    Posting for a friend who is selling his RC390. It is in great shape and ready for this summer, here is the link to kijiji ad
  18. 172Driver

    2014 Aprilia Dorsoduro

    Hey GTAM! I'm thinking about selling my Dorsoduro. It is a 2014 and in top notch condition with exactly 12,250km. Its got nearly nothing done (stock) to it and the current Dunlop Q3 on it are pretty fresh, they were mounted last spring and I think I rode it less than 3000km. I have it...
  19. 172Driver

    Tires!!!! Cheap!!!

    Hey GTAM, selling off some of my used race tires from this season. I've got: 5 sets of Dunlop GP-A Pro DOT with 190 rears I'd let go for $100/set 1 set of Pirelli Superbike Slicks (180 rear) $50 1 set of Pirelli Supercorsa DOT (180 rear) $75 They all have life in them for track days or the...
  20. 172Driver

    2014 5X8 US Cargo enclosed trailer

    Hey GTAM! I'm looking into upgrading my trailer but first I'll have to sell my current 5X8 I bought it early in 2014 and I've only used it for moving my race bike around. It is in great shape, no damage on it. It comes with the spare tire and tongue mount and E-Tracks inside. Also, I'll...

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