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    I installed the creepy surveillance app/device to get an insurance discount

    So is that 100 day / 1000 km period a permanent adjustment that you only have to do once as long as you stay with that insurance company? If not, what's the deal? I take it that this is the phone app and not the OBDII plug? Is the discount applied to all vehicles that you have on the policy...
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    EuroNCAP has released their crash-testing video for the Porsche Taycan. This is as exemplary as it gets, 5-star rating. I would expect no less from this manufacturer in this day and age. This vehicle is not built out of flat sheets of 3mm steel plate ...
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    Reminder for anyone using this strategy that there is stupidity currently ongoing. Dow is down quite a bit over the last couple days. Obviously there are no guarantees, but if you were in a buying mood, there are stocks which are now cheaper than they were a couple of days ago. I'm not doing...
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    Snell M2020 helmet standards coming

    There's some pretty apparent conflict between Snell and UN/FIM going on: Differing test methods and conflicting requirements between Snell and proposed ECE standards. (Where have we seen that before?) I'm in no way qualified to judge who is right, but one thing FIM is doing right is to address...
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    Snell M2020 helmet standards coming

    More interested in an FIM approved helmet, personally. They should be showing up.
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    What Are You Currently Listening To?

    "What are you currently listening to" doesn't specify music. At the moment, I am listening to a purring cat :)
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Saw someone on a Yamaha R1 at the forks today - he had come from Mississauga. I took my car. One of today's minor chores was to clean out the van and the garage and get all the bikes into storage so that I can put the car in the garage, so that it's not covered in freezing rain when I have to go...
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    Wow! ifiddles that was a fantastic video.
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    Bucket control legislation

    Go get it done!
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    Bucket control legislation

    Avoidance "possible" does not imply that it will be avoided in all circumstances.
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Further analysis of that video clarified the concerns I have about the safety of this vehicle to other road users. I have expressed my concerns on an engineering forum in which this is under discussion. Hopefully that discussion finds its way to someone who gives a crap. I don't think Tesla...
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    Bucket control legislation

    Risk assessment. (I do these all the time.) Severity? Low. "Foreseeable injury does not require treatment more serious than first aid". Or "Injury of a permanent or disfiguring nature is not foreseen". Exposure? Low. "Not more frequently than once per day or shift". Or "Not for routine...
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    Looking for advice...

    Or you could be regretting selling what you have now and discovering that you don't like its replacement. Suggestion for your Z650. Get a new set of tires. At 7000 km the originals are probably near done anyhow. It will feel like a new bike again.
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    That video - with regular vehicles on the roads - also makes me question crash-structure compatibility with other vehicles. This is already a big enough issue with current-production heavy duty pickups.
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

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    Looking for advice...

    Thought about how to say this, you said it better. In my opinion, what the original poster has now is better than what they're looking to get instead. But, I'm not the original poster.
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    So, What Do We Think of Cybertruck?

    There is a proposal to amend FMVSS 108 to allow adaptive headlights, which has evidently been approved in principle by NHTSA, but it's not in effect yet and I haven't heard of a proposed implementation date. There is also current discussion to allow rear-view cameras in place of outside...
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    The silent black helicopters are circling

    The earth can't be flat. If it was, cats would have pushed everything off the edge of it by now.
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Hmmm ...
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    Boeing 737 Max 8

    Now there's speculation that if approval isn't granted by January, Boeing may start getting into financial difficulties, which has all sorts of further ramifications. Seems that Transport Canada wants MCAS removed rather than fixed. Except then the plane's native airframe doesn't produce...

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