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    suggestions for a small blue plate dual sport

    The KLX250 is nice little bike and I think would be great for what you want. I'm always confused when people say a bike is underpowered, or gutless, when they're not talking about racing. I race a lot and have a race bike (KTM 200xcw) for that. I had a 2007 KLX250 for dual sport duties and...
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    Getting an ownership with a nvis

    In my case they entered based on a picture of the VIN (with a few other pictures of the bike to make sure). It really should follow the same procedure as you did before with the affidavit. The fact is that you can not contact the original owner.
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    MTO survey is up for 400 series increased speed limits

    I'm game with increasing the limits for sure, just as long as I can still do 100km/h or so in the right most lane while towing my trailer. I would hope they would do what some states do (and has been already said here), by having a minimum and maximum. But as always, enforcement of slow...
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    I'll probably DL it and watch it eventually.
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    Great Pine enduro

    You don't need insurance to get a green plate. The event promoter has to carry insurance to cover participants. If you signed in and paid to race, you should be covered by their insurance. I'm saying "should" just because I do not know 100%, more like 90%. And for what it's worth, check your...
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    Great Pine enduro

    20 minute moto? Ever watch an MX race? They're 30 min plus 2 laps. Yes a 125 likes to be on the pipe, but good luck holding it wide open through the woods. And it is against the rules to carry fuel with you on the course and to fuel up outside of a designated gas stop. The front number...
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    Great Pine enduro

    I don't believe you need insurance because the organizers cover it for the event. My son has done the Mini Pine on a KTM 125sx without any issues with gas. The stops are usually in 40kms.
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    Going to the dirt side LOL

    I'm 5'9" about 180lbs and while I can physically ride my daughters CRF150F, it is way too small for an adult. She is about 5'4" or so and fits it perfectly though. I'm pretty sure the CFR150 is the same as the TTR125 in comparison. If you're going with a beginner bike I personally wouldn't...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Look at his rims. Looks like they're rolling backwards to me.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Bovaird and Mountain Ash. Looked like that can was headed to Service Ontario to maybe get his license back? Lol
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    He should have stayed in the left lane until he could safely turn around somewhere. He made the video car and the cars behind both of them slow down. Impeding other drivers is a selfish dick move.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Damn. That was crazy. I had a tow truck behind me once that blocked people from doing that. Not all are ***** I guess.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I'm not going to lie. That was almost me one day. I misjudged and thought traffic in front of me was simply slowing down, but they were coming to a complete stop. I checked my blind spot to my right and when my eyes went front again I basically had 2 secs to slam on the brakes or change lanes...
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    That's exactly why I don't put my signal on until I've passed any other driveways.
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    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    On highways I couldn't agree with you more. But on surface streets I disagree. I'm not saying it's fine to drive in the left lane ALL THE TIME, but for a handful of blocks when your next turn is a left is acceptable.
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    2004 Suzuki DRZ400S - $3500 obo

    2004 Suzuki DRZ400S - $3200 obo ****New price**** It is safetied and I have the UVIP in hand, so it's ready to go for you! I have owned this bike for the past three years. I...
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    FS Icon Moto Bombshell Boots - Size 9

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    2003 Dodge Dakota - 1500$

    Hey all, I'm selling my truck. It is my daily driver right now and I'm just selling it because I've decided to keep my Jeep. It has some rust in the front corners of the box and a really bad spot by the window. It passed the old E-test but I haven't had time to get it tested with the new one...
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    Just joined the other day

    I've been reading a bunch of stuff in here and there's so much awesome information. Looks like a nice little community here.

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