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  1. fearlessbob

    Dainese, Held, Klim, AGV and more

    Getting out of the sport, selling most of my gear. Garments. All gently used, in very good condition, except where noted. Dainese Super Rider leather jacket, black, size 56 (approx Men’s 42), slightly scuffed sleeves and shoulders, $400 Dainese New Delmar leather jacket, black, needs new main...
  2. fearlessbob

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    So true and accurate!
  3. fearlessbob

    Flat tire repair kit?

    Am thinking of carrying a flat tire repair kit. Looking for something obviously compact, of the plug type (I am not taking tires off rims on the roadside to apply patches, also considering that I am not mechanically inclined at all). I also read from some advrider's trip story about a kit that...
  4. fearlessbob

    Timmies 403/Dundas: For riders?

    As it is close to home, rode by this place the last few nights around 7:30PM without actually stopping there and I noticed there were always lots of bikers standing in the parking lot. But last night was a dandy: still lots of bikes there, but then there were at least 3-4 guys sitting down in...
  5. fearlessbob

    Kudos to Riders Choice!

    Took my Bird in for an Öhlins suspension upgrade last Tuesday night. "See you Thursday night" were the parting words. Next day I get a call from John saying the lower rear suspension linkage has been tampered with, it's worn out, we need to replace it, it's in backorder at Honda until June...

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