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  1. infernobuster

    FitBit Surge

    Have a FitBit Surge Sz Large for sale. Only worn a few times, just not for me. Comes with box/case/manual/cable. Paid $299 plus tax, asking $220.
  2. infernobuster

    Bell Vortex Helmet Large

    Bell Vortex Helmet. Never dropped, crashed etc. Comes with tinted visor ( and clear one if i find it) and storage bag. Helmet colour is gold/black/ white .. Same colour in this ad .. $80 .. Free bugs included. Go pro mount as...
  3. infernobuster

    Drift HD Camera .. brand new

    Brand new Drift HD Camera in box . $200.
  4. infernobuster

    LF: Battery Tender connections

    Looking for someone who may have a spare connection kicking around. The one that secures to the battery directly, and not the alligator clip style. Thanks.
  5. infernobuster

    Ok .. who was trying to outrun the OPP this morning?

    401 Eastbound, around 830 am near Morningside. Looked like a black Ducati Monster .. being pursued by a new Tauras SHO OPP. You had no chance in hell on that one. And yes i know .. cool story bro.
  6. infernobuster

    Bell Vortex Helmet w dark/clear visor

    Bell Vortex helmet. Sz Large. No crashed, dings, drops etc. Comes with dark/clear visor and storage bag. $80.
  7. infernobuster

    For those with Side or Top mounted cases .. you missing one by chance?

    If you have side or top mounted cases on your bike, check em and ensure they are locked. By chance if your the guy with the hard case that fell off along the 401 early this morning .. i know where it is. And i would of got out to retrieve it, but traffic was busy in that spot.
  8. infernobuster

    Questions about Android TV box ..

    For you techie guys/gals .. I have someone that is offering me an android tv box which has unlimited tv, movies, ufc, sports etc etc .. for a set price. I dont know anything about these . .can someone shed some light as to how it operates? Do i need to pay for updates? It sounds too good to...
  9. infernobuster

    100-120 bags of R-22 Insulation

    Anyone that is doing some home reno's etc .. A friend has approx 100-120 bags of R22 insultation. All brand new in bags. retails for over $5500. Wants it ALL gone for $2500. 16" and 24"
  10. infernobuster

    Open deck motorcycle trailer

    I have an open deck trailer ive been using for my sled. Perfect for you dirt bike guys, or even track day guys. It is full tilt, with front end swivel. Top deck is made of wood. It is roughly 5 x 8 in size and will tow easily behind a car, suv etc. Have new bearings/seals/tires/new rim/4 new...
  11. infernobuster

    Random question to post

    Am i the only one that has to answer a question to post ? It seems there are just 2 questions that keep popping up; 1. Where is baseball played 2. What is the farthest province west in Canada Without an answer it will not let me reply.
  12. infernobuster

    Any members here that have sleds too?

    Been looking at getting back into it for this year .. Have a few questions for those more vested in the sport. Besides the usual things to look for, the 2 machines im eyeing up are . 99 MXZ 600 Skidoo 00 ZXT 600 Artic Cat Really leaning more towards the MXZ .. will a 600 be enough to haul...
  13. infernobuster

    GO Pro Hero 3 White Edition

    GO Pro Hero 3 White Edition. 2 batteries, and lots of various mounts etc. With box as well. Only 1.5 months old now. $225.
  14. infernobuster

    2001 CBR F4i w/extras

    Posting this for a friend. 2001 CBR F4i gray/black combo. It has approx 48 k on it. Brakes were done last year, along with battery, chain/sprockets. Barely been ridden in the last 2 years. Tires still have 2 seasons left in them, and has K/N air filter, new sparkplugs, undertail, and yoshi slip...
  15. infernobuster

    Im taking part in Movember this year .. if youd like to donate.

    Yep, im taking part of Movember this year. If you care to donate, send me a PM and ill send you the link to donate to me. Always a worthwhile cause.
  16. infernobuster

    CBR RR Front fender

    I have a green front fender from a CBR RR. I believe it fits 07 to 10 models. $25.
  17. infernobuster

    Dunlop 120/190 DOT scrubs

    Set of scrubs perfect for street use. 120/190 Dunlop GPA. $60. Be the envy of all the Tim Hortons riders when they see you pull up with these tires. Chicks will want you! Children will want to be you! Harley riders will want to scrap their junk, for a sport bike. Asking for pictures will get...
  18. infernobuster

    LF : Dunlop slicks ( new or used)

    As title states , looking for US dunlop slicks .. new or used . If used, i dont want more than 2 days on them . Send me the info on what you have. Thanks.
  19. infernobuster

    Aug 3 on county road 57

    Female rider down around 2pm on #57 outside Ceserea. Bike was a blue gs500 . Lots of cars had already stopped. They didn't want 911 called at all. I think that was too late at that point. gws rider.
  20. infernobuster

    Car Tires for sale

    I have 2 x 245/45/17 Contiental Extreme Contact Tires for sale. bought mid season last year, and lots of tread left. $250 2 X 275/35/18 GoodYear F1 SuperCar Run Flats. 75% tread left on them. Came of a Z06 Corvette. $300 Went with bigger front/rear rims so cant use these anymore.

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