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  1. TwistedKestrel

    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    So there was some kind of protest... school bus? Blocking part of the main driveway/taxi loop today at the Rogers building Do you have a source for this?
  2. TwistedKestrel

    Cherry Fires on Remembrance Day

    I strongly suspect that it did not go straight to firing him. They probably offered an opportunity to air an apology (and yes, what he said was definitely discriminatory) and he straight up refused it. Also given he's 85 they definitely already had a bunch of exit strategies in a drawer...
  3. TwistedKestrel

    Suzuki Oil vs Rotella T6

    1. Foamy/milky = coolant in the oil (blown head gasket... while that by itself is sometimes repairable, if there is enough coolant present to dilute the oil the engine is probably toast) 2. Dark oil = oil is no longer fresh, not necessarily bad 3. Glitter = metal on metal contact = your engine...
  4. TwistedKestrel

    Snow tire - size matters?

    Lug nuts provide clamping force via the studs. The inner surface of the wheel clamped to the brake rotor/drum, clamped to the wheel hub, bears load. The centre bore does not bear load, it is only for locating the wheel
  5. TwistedKestrel

    Cost breakdown for track day ?

    Have been thinking about this myself - current bike (CB919) seems like it would be well suited to it, but I won't be too upset if it gets bent in half. However half of my gear is a bit ratty and wouldn't cut it for the track. I have a JR Speedmaster 5.0 2 pc but it is a bit aged, is getting gear...
  6. TwistedKestrel

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    It just seems that the torsion bars a) wear out faster (I have never replaced a valve spring on any motor in my life) and b) they are not making new ones. As a racer, you would then be the worst case scenario for valve float with such a setup. You never had to do anything to manage it? Never...
  7. TwistedKestrel

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    That thing looks cool! Yikes, that shrivelled up my interest pretty quick
  8. TwistedKestrel

    Suzuki Oil vs Rotella T6

    Rotella is not the best possible oil for a motorcycle. I use it because it is good enough and is usually much cheaper than "real" moto oil. If Suzuki synthetic is the same price somewhere, I would use that no question. Also, where is it that cheap so I can go get some
  9. TwistedKestrel

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Edit: I think this is one of those disagreements where all parties are actually in agreement Edit edit: It's gone now. May have gone there with a trailer if it was still there this weekend
  10. TwistedKestrel

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    You want that happy medium of you knowing exactly what the seller has, but lack of competing buyers because the mistakes in the ad has kept anyone else from finding it
  11. TwistedKestrel

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    That's not a Stratoliner Deluxe, maybe they mean Stratoliner S? Either way that's the cheapest Stratoliner I've ever seen... hmmmmmm...... (I know somebody else will buy it before I get into trouble)
  12. TwistedKestrel

    Honda Powersports is finished

    Best thread 2019
  13. TwistedKestrel

    Rider's Choice Winter Storage!!!

    What does the 24 point inspection cover?
  14. TwistedKestrel

    No Harley Bikes here ..?

    Yooooo that's a lot to take in
  15. TwistedKestrel

    Covered Bridge

    Is that all? That looks like you could throw jacks under there, unbolt those supports and throw a new beam in. The hardest part would be anchoring the jacks into something
  16. TwistedKestrel

    headphone jack to USB to work play audio in truck?

    What model Sierra tho
  17. TwistedKestrel

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Hold up - what IS this? A less weird relative of the FZX750?
  18. TwistedKestrel

    Mixing brake parts

    For the record, OEMs don't always nail down the ratio exactly. Example - the GS500 and SV650 have the same master cylinder and calipers, except the SV650 has two calipers instead of one.
  19. TwistedKestrel

    Ugliest bike thread

    Actually I think that's an improvement
  20. TwistedKestrel


    What would it cost to "buy out" the VigLink advertising? I personally despise it more than most advertising as it borders on corrupting people's speech and/or diminishing the usefulness of adding hotlinks to forum posts

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