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    New Rider and Member - '77 KZ650

    Good luck with the build. Throw some autosol at those aluminum covers this winter too !!!!
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    Quit our jobs, sold our home and everything in it, gone riding...

    I'll expect to be watching your adventure sometime on Netflix !!!! Awesome stuff kids :)
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    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    Going for a short blast tomorrow then calling it a season !!!!
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    MotoGP 2018

    i dont see the thai race up how are you guys viewing this ? pastelink? tia
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    Recent movies you saw - recommend or no

    Green Book , Bohemian was better than I thought it would be . I did like A star is born , but im a sap :-)
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    Daily sports car?

    honda s2000 daily driver? probably not as well as my previous rx8 wouldn't drive either in winter lol
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    Daily sports car?

    buddy has a mazda rx 8 albeit finicky its a fun car and cheap . He bought his cream puff for 7 grand with like 60 k on it
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    TV shows currently watching

    F1 drive to survive !!! Excellent show shameless ozark westworld handmaids tale
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    Suggested Gear - First time rider

    Ive seen guys with shorts and t shirts wearing gloves !!!! What a joke. Your asking the right questions , you'll hear atgatt all the gear all the time . What i would suggest if your looking at looking cool instead of riding atgatt talk to people that have crashed and see what they say. I think...
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    Nice relaxing solo day trip

    Love those rides where you hop on and just ride !!! Nice write up
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    Biker Bob

    Frigging interesting , heartwarming and very cool.
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    Looking for a pr of 38 by 34 in kevlar pants

    As title states . Anyone have a pr they want to sell?
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    Recommendations for low cut riding shoes

    Hey boys and girls Looking for some recomendations from the board on a decent and affordable comfortable ( i know thats alot to ask) low cut riding boot . I currently atgatt but with my feet issues find my forma racing boots are just not working so ive been riding with steel toed work shoes...
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    looking for 1000 grit whetstone

    Just got a nice used Global knife that needs sharpening and requires a whetstone to do job properly . Long shot but any cooks chefs out there have one kicking around?
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    Case for acoustic guitar

    50 bucks good condition . Red velvet lining :D newmarket area
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    magic jack ? anyone use one

    Thinking of cancelling home phone and going with a magic jack
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    Supershow and Motul 7100

    Going friday afternoon/evening to the supershow in T.O and looking to purchase 10w40 motul 7100 . Any vendors have on hand at the show?
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    200 a month !!! Really?

    Just read this and find it unfathomable that people are that broke. Just curious how many would fall into this category. I bought the ex out 2 years ago, am on disability pension and still with a mortgage can stiff afford to live, but I do live within my means, and dont go without the...
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    dragon jeans

    Thinking of ditching for short rides my full leather suit and going with leather jacket and possibly dragon jeans or of the like. Anyone offer feed back? I know they will not offer the same protection but man this heat is killing me. TIA Gary

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