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  1. Paul

    Plug in update?

    Sorry folks... I can only make sure I update the software. Keep reporting to tapatalk.
  2. Paul

    New Rider to the Forum

  3. Paul

    No Harley Bikes here ..?

    New to Harley's and loving my first one! 😁
  4. Paul

    Plug in update?

    What does tapatalk say?
  5. Paul

    Plug in update?

    Thanks Guys!! It's now updated!! Give it a try!
  6. Paul

    London/Woodstock bikers???

    I'm in Port Stanley if you're out that way.
  7. Paul

    Deleting old pms or “conversations” ??

    I believe you choose the "Leave Conversation" option. That will remove it from your inbox.
  8. Paul

    PMs not showing on gtam app

    Thanks for letting me know. I'm working on Tapatalk issues with thier support.
  9. Paul

    Tire Warmers test post.

    This listing has been removed and is no longer available for viewing.
  10. Paul

    Tire Warmers test post.

    Paul submitted a new listing: Tire Warmers test post. - Tire Warmers test post. Learn more about this listing...
  11. Paul

    Can't post

    Your account looks ok. Is there no new post or reply button? What forum?
  12. Paul

    Can't post

    Try now?
  13. Paul

    The New Classifieds Format Sucks!

    We eventually want to remove the old classified forums. We have them both up for transition. I'll look into the bumping option. Kinda like people that only post kijiji links....LOL. Once the old classified forums are removed you won't have that issue. I will redirect the old forum title links...
  14. Paul

    Getting junk in my posts

    Those aren't junk. They are there to remind you to support those who help keep Gtam free for you to use.
  15. Paul

    Dealership Won't Give Motorcycle Even After Paying In Full

    Lots of good info in this thread so I'll leave it here... But close it down.
  16. Paul

    New Site

    Is it just this thread everyone is getting multiple notifications from? It is for me.
  17. Paul

    New Site

    I'll check into tomorrow guys...thanks for letting me know... [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G955W using mobile app
  18. Paul

    Tire warmers for sale

    Paul submitted a new listing: Tire warmers for sale - Tire warmers for sale Learn more about this listing...
  19. Tire warmers for sale

    Tire warmers for sale

    Chicken hawk tire warmers for sale Digital adjustable tempuratures In good working condition. Asking $200 obo

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