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    Hobby welding at home

    I can echo what has been said above. I have a 120v Lincoln and a 240v Hobart. The 120 will weld sheet metal and up to 3/16. It’s definitely possible to use with flux core but you get a much nicer weld if you add a bottle. I think it’s probably good enough for most light hobby work. The...
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    Yearly Request for Your Vote

    Done. Love it :)
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    Canada Votes 2019

    I like Jasmeet as a person. I'm not sure how much experience he really has. The be honest I think that the provincial NDP would have been better getting rid of Horwath and allowing him to get his teeth wet in a smaller setting
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    Canada Votes 2019

    I'd consider myself a Liberal but voted for Mulcair last time as I thought the NDP had more of the values associated with traditional Canadian "Liberal" politics. Don't know what to do this time. The whole SNC thing left a really bad taste in my mouth. Wilson-Raybould seemed to have a lot of...
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    Yamaha TZ750 Street Tracker

    Lovely. I think that is one of the original Champion frames
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    Yamaha TZ750 Street Tracker

    Its an amazing bike to see (and hear) up close. Baker was supposed to take it out on the half mile this year but I guess it didn't happen, at least I didn't see it reported anywhere That frame was built by Jeff Palhegyi - who does a lot of custom Flat Tracker stuff out of his shop in San Diego...
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    Car Insurance Question

    Mods, feel free to delete if it’s off topic My in-laws have their car insurance through the Royal Bank which I guess is Aviva. They have a little Honda CRV and when they got their renewal it had gone from $1400 for both of them to $3600. No changes, no accidents, no tickets and they are an...
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    Manx GP

    ^^^ +1 I have to agree, the VRRA do put on a really good show. I was there both days and it was worth the trip alone just to see and (more importantly) hear Roper on that 3-cylinder MV Agusta. I'm also a big fan of the P1 and P2 bikes and it seemed that they had full grids with lots of young...
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    Gerry Marshall

    Just found out from a friend that Gerry Marshall passed away. Gerry could do it all, Road Racing, Motocross, Trials and was a champion in multiple disciplines. Inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame in 2006. He always had a great story and had just a perfect way of telling them. RIP Gerry...
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    Canada and MX Des Nations

    The sad thing is that 4 Canadian kids that would have had the opportunity to compete in a field of the best have been denied that opportunity. What an experience that would have been for them.
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    Tire question for people who race smaller bikes

    Thanks for all your help. I’ve had a race and a trackday on the Q3s and I do prefer the feel. With the bike straight up and down the steering seems less sluggish and getting off vertical it didn’t feel as tippy into the corner. With the other tire it was almost like riding on something that...
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    Tire question for people who race smaller bikes

    Thanks Guys. I mounted a 140/70 17 Q3 and it doesn't look quite so pinched as the Pirelli. A different manufacturer and construction may make some slight differences. I'll give it try at the weekend. I have seen some guys run a 120/70 front on the rear with the direction reversed on smaller...
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    Tire question for people who race smaller bikes

    Thanks guys. Maybe I’ll give the Q3s a try.
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    Tire question for people who race smaller bikes

    I race a RZ350 in AHRMA and I have done a 17" wheel conversion as its almost impossible to find 18" AVON vintage race tires any more. 17's can just be bought at the track. I have a set of TZ hubs and am running a 3.50" rim on the rear with a 140 SuperCorsa SC2. Its pretty good but the tire is a...
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    Thanks Guys. Great information. I will pass this on to him. Evoex. Sending a PM I have also used Mike at Brightside for Powder Coating when he was on Brock Street in Whitby and he does do great work
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    Ha, Ha. I like where you are going with this :)
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    Mods, feel free to move this if its not in the right forum. My brother is doing a restore on an RD350 and is looking to get some small billet parts anodized. I have used MidWest Anodizing in Scarborough in the past but it appears they are gone. Does anyone have any recommendations? He lives...
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    Toronto in August

    Thanks. This is great information
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    Is it just me of has the quality of tools gone to hell?

    I doesn't even say the country of origin on the sockets. My old craftsman 3/8 set that I bought from Sears Canada about 20 years ago has Made in the USA everywhere. Even that box is metal, not like the plastic boxes they have today
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    Is it just me of has the quality of tools gone to hell?

    Ha Ha. I wonder if my tool is bigger than your tool... On No. I feel and infraction coming on :) I'll dig it out and take a picture when I get home

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