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    Car Insurance Question

    Mods, feel free to delete if it’s off topic My in-laws have their car insurance through the Royal Bank which I guess is Aviva. They have a little Honda CRV and when they got their renewal it had gone from $1400 for both of them to $3600. No changes, no accidents, no tickets and they are an...
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    Gerry Marshall

    Just found out from a friend that Gerry Marshall passed away. Gerry could do it all, Road Racing, Motocross, Trials and was a champion in multiple disciplines. Inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame in 2006. He always had a great story and had just a perfect way of telling them. RIP Gerry...
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    Tire question for people who race smaller bikes

    I race a RZ350 in AHRMA and I have done a 17" wheel conversion as its almost impossible to find 18" AVON vintage race tires any more. 17's can just be bought at the track. I have a set of TZ hubs and am running a 3.50" rim on the rear with a 140 SuperCorsa SC2. Its pretty good but the tire is a...
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    Mods, feel free to move this if its not in the right forum. My brother is doing a restore on an RD350 and is looking to get some small billet parts anodized. I have used MidWest Anodizing in Scarborough in the past but it appears they are gone. Does anyone have any recommendations? He lives...
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    Is it just me of has the quality of tools gone to hell?

    I bought a Craftsman socket set a few months ago. It was on sale so it was a pretty good deal. Went to use it at the weekend to replace a rear spring on the truck. I was using it with a breaker bar and the socket spilt. Now Sears will replace it but Craftsman used to be good mid grade tools...
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    Toronto in August

    Heading up to Toronto at the end of August to visit my wife's parents. Is there anywhere I could rent a bike for a few days? Would prefer a naked or an adventure. GTA Exotics keeps popping up on Google and it seems like the have Wee Stroms which would probably be OK. Any other places I should...
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    Want to Buy - Yamaha RD350 rear Wheel or Hub

    Delboy submitted a new listing: Want to Buy - Yamaha RD350 rear Wheel or Hub - Want to Buy - Yamaha RD350 rear Wheel or Hub Learn more about this listing...
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    Jagmeet Singh

    What do Canadians think of Jagmeet. I’ve actually seen a few stories on him on US current affairs programs really touting him as possibly Canada’s first Non White Prime Minister. I didn’t think he was doing that well in Canada? Is he? My political views lean more towards the NDP so I may be a...
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    Honda CB 350 K4

    I know this is a bit of a long shot but I know there a few people into Cafe Racers here. Anyone own a CB/CL 350 twin and have a manual? I'm trying to find out what the valve seat pressure is with standard valve springs. Bitzz is usually one of the guys that knows these sorts of things. Thanks
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    VRRA Calabogie

    I'm in Toronto on business this week so going the head up to Calabogie to take in the VRRA event. I'm a big vintage bike guy - especially two strokes and particularly Yamaha parallel twin two strokes - but they turn out some really nice machinery in all classes. Its great walking the paddock...
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    Rip 007

    Sir Roger was my second favourite Bond
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    Free birdcage (almost) to a good home

    I'm cleaning out a small locker I have and I came across this birdcage I have no idea what its off and I don't even know where I got it but its pretty much brand new and has never been down or tweaked. I don't even think its been installed on a bike. If you recognise it and can use it feel...
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    Right to die legislation.

    I heard it was sent to the Senate. Does anyone have the Coles Notes version? Although my inner cynic can't help but think it's related to CPP and OHIP funding constraints and anticipated future food shortages due to the effects of global warming out west.... Mmmmmm, Soylent Green anyone?
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    Thomas Mulcair Gone :(

    Just saw this on the web. Too bad. I really liked this guy. I personally thought he had by far the best platform during the Canadian Federal Election last year. I also though he was head and shoulders above the other two. All the best for the future Tom.
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    Weather... :(

    We do a lot of production work for City TV so I brought my kids up with me to spend some time with their grandparents over the Easter break. What is with this weather? I remember riding Easter weekend the past couple of years. Now I have to listen to them griping for week :(
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    Ontario is no longer the place to prosper

    My sister (lives in Toronto but is moving to Winterpeg) just sent me this. It does come from the Fraser Institute but I found how much Ontario is now lagging the rest of the provinces to be incredible...
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    The Lemmy

    I ordered my first Lemmy last night and the barman actually knew what it was. It's a fitting tribute. What a lovely decent man.
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    And it just keeps comming...

    RIP Paul Kantner. Prickly, controversial, but made some great music I was watching Fear and Loathing at the weekend. My favourite scene is where Thompson runs into himself in the club with Jefferson Airplane on stage playing "Someone to love"
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    This is just embarrassing for this guy on so many fronts :)
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    Match Racing Series

    My company pitched an idea to Fox Sports late last year and they have agreed to do a pilot this summer. The idea is to take riders from road and flat track and have them race against each other, the overall winner moves on to the semi-final and then the final from there. Each show will have 4...

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