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    Napanee Man Charged in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

    Good to see OPP's diligent investigation enables a Careless Driving Causing Death in this tragic collision. There are some in here that likely believe why not just plain Careless driving...
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    Wear on top portion of drive chain rivets.

    Did a google and searched this site, negative results. Something is causing the upper third of my chain rivets to be worn down slightly. Is this a common problem, any usual suspects ? Otherwise the chain looks perfect. Noticed this while cleaning and tensioning chain. Only had the bike 3 weeks...
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    Old guy, new to me bike, passion revived.

    Got my M in about 1973 on my first bike, an 850 Commando. Gave up my 750 Honda SS in about 1980 due to family commitments. Got the bug this winter, shopped a lot, and finally bought a YZF600R from a great guy locally. One week ago. Due to other commitments and weather only put 1000 k on her so...

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