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  1. koorosh

    FS: 2011 Black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r, ABS, Traction control, ZX1000K, with 32200KM

    koorosh submitted a new listing: FS: 2011 Black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r, ABS, Traction control, ZX1000K, with 32200KM - FS: 2011 Black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r, ABS, Traction control, ZX1000K, with 32200KM Learn more about this listing...
  2. koorosh

    License plate installation for ZX-10 with fender eliminator

    The bike has a fender eliminator as seen in the pictures but the holes for license plate are in a perpendicular direction to what they should be. Previous owner had used zip ties and bent the plate. Is that my only option too :( Is there an L bracket I can get to attach it to this piece so I...
  3. koorosh

    WTB: Gen 2 Hayabusa

    In reasonable shape. Please let me know what you have.
  4. koorosh

    AGY Helmet, Aplinemax boots and Dainese jacket for sale

    All less than even a season old:
  5. koorosh

    Teknic glove (large size)

    Was tried only once but did not fit my hand. like new. $50
  6. koorosh

    Brand new rear footpeg and rear seat for Panigale 1199

    Sealed, unopened. 150$ for both.
  7. koorosh

    Buying brand new bike from dealer in Quebec

    Looking at prices of 2014 Hayabusa on, looks like Quebec prices are about $3000 less than that for Ontario. I know to be worried about buying second hand vehicle from Quebec. How about brand new? Anyone done that? Any modifications required? I assume no tax paid to Quebec with a...
  8. koorosh

    Breathtaking crash!

    Just wow.
  9. koorosh

    Bluetooth controlled bike

    Enjoy the technology :)
  10. koorosh

    Ducati gear in like new condition (2 months old) for sale

    Please take a look at my ad for Ducati Jacket, boot, glove, dark rider helmet and Dianese back protector used only 3 times in like new condition. Costs 1200$+tax only two months ago.
  11. koorosh

    FS- Two helmets(Icon and Bell), Hayabusa Joe Rocket jacket and gloves

    Hayabusa textile Jacket with elbow and back protector is XL (fits a 6'2" rider perfectly well). Hayabusa Icon helmet is XL. Bell is L. Gloves are L. 280$ for the whole. For individual pricing please PM.
  12. koorosh

    Panigale R Superleggera

    If you think Panigale R is the ultimate sport bike, you are wrong. Superleggera panigale weights 40lb less and got 25 more horsepower at double the price! Read more.
  13. koorosh

    2007 Suzuzki Hayabusa

    Black with 24000 kilometers. UVIP is provided. Safety is with seller. Pictures will follow. In Mississauga area. 5000$ OBO.
  14. koorosh

    Slowest one can go in highway.

    Is there a clause in HTA specifying how much slower than speed limit one can legally drive in a road/highway. Assuming good road condition, clear traffic and dry road. I am curious about this as I have seen people going easily half the speed limit on a sunny, clear summer day and affect traffic...
  15. koorosh

    Websites similar to carcostcanada for motorbike

    Do they exist? Looking to find invoice price as a negotiation starting point.
  16. koorosh

    Cruise to Aminal & Fozzy's BBQ from downtown

    Is anyone up for riding together to Aminal's BBQ from downtown? I had L&L parking area in mind. Leaving there at 8:30AM sharp, using this route. Please post here if you would like to join.
  17. koorosh

    Trip to Port Perry on September 3

    Anyone up leaving at 11:00 from L&L to Port Perry? Flexible pace. Nothing crazy.
  18. koorosh

    GO Pro HD MotorSport Hero with 32GB of memory and brand new windows suction cup. 300$

    Camera is less than 3 months old in new condition (10/10). Suction cup is brand new. All for only 300$. Comes with box and two mounting pads (curved and flat) and rest of original accessories. Pickup in downtown Toronto.
  19. koorosh

    2007 Black Suzuki Hayabusa with 22800 KM. 7,200$

    Has minor, small scratches on the left fairing and muffler due to fall from standstill in my garage. The rest is very clean. 7000$.
  20. koorosh

    Silver 2009 Subaru STi with only 48000KM. 33,000$. Tax bonus.

    In pristine condition. 48000KM service was just done. Price is 32K+tax. Tax is calculated based on 24K (my lease buyout) and not 32K. A saving of over 1000$.

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