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  • Hey.. Its been a long time . The bike is still running great and no problems so far knock on wood. How are the Duc's sill trouble free?

    With the kid I find I am having trouble getting out for a "ride" and most of my rides are to work or quick to the store kind of trips. I will be out today for a quick one just to say I was out.

    You getting out much?

    I find like the Milton crew my riding group has disbanded so I may have to find more people to ride with. It is just hard finding the time right now.

    At least you can get out with the wife. Mine does not share the sport. Mike says he is thinking about getting a bike every year but after 6 years I dont think it will happen.

    Have a great ride...
    your photos are sweet. Photography is one of my 3rd best hobbies.

    Any idea on an affordable unit to digitize a ton of my 35 mm negatives?
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