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  • Ehh it was a short ride but my main goal was to meet most of you. Everyone was chill. A good group of people. Anyways, need to set up another ride soon. Ya just can't tease me like that. lol naa it gave me a good idea what to expect. Just wanted to say thanks guys can't wait to ride again.
    sorry about that ddd, i just tried to delete a threat... thanks for the info on the sauga meet up....
    just checking to see if your riding to BB tonite...to tired to cook dinner
    Hey Taleb, I props ya at a red light one afternoon on 10 going south bound. Just thought I say "hey" and hopefully I can join you on a ride some time soon. I saw the big one coming down this Sunday but have some family stuff goin on. If anything changes I'll surely post your thread and confirm. Otherwise have a safe, joyous ride! Peace.
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