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  • I was interested in buying a bike but I only have 4,000 to spend. Would you consider this? I am in love with motorcycles and haven't been riding in over 7mth (my bike is toast with over 70,000km) I plan on buying a new 2013 HRC 600RR next season and need a bike to tie me over that I can turn into a track bike. Please let me know if this interests you and If you would like to set up a time to see the bike.
    Hi, sorry, was away from the computer for a few days.

    When can I take a look at the seat ? I work in Etobicoke...

    Thank you
    Hi, Is the rear seat still available? My rim is scratched up too. Was hoping to find one in better shape then mine ...

    Thank you.
    call 519-217-3309 Daryl, I have a need 4 some of your inventory!!
    Thks in Adavance Bro!!

    You're mail box is full. Just wanted to say I need the rear seat and the price is fine with me. Also, would like to find out more about the rear rim you have. What year is it off.


    your inbox is full but here is my response:


    Can I pickup the driver seat off you?

    Its for 2004 CBR600RR right? Becuase another member sold me one from a 05 and I realized it doesnt fit my 04 after the fact.

    My cell is 416-312-5166 I hope we can meetup somewhere I am in vaughan today for work.



    Please let me know I am extremely interested!
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