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  • Dude... 407 last night, around the Mavis/Hurontario area... 5:30pm. Someone riding your bike was going eastbound. What that you?!
    Ya next week will work. Let me know what day your thinking of visiting and i'll let you know if i'm off work.
    Not me :p I'm in North Bay... but Ashley was out with a few people for a ride in the area so probably yes haha
    Dude!! I saw you yesterday around 4:10pm going eastbound on the QEW after the skyway bridge... I was in a white Grand Am trying to catch up to you but I had to exit onto the 407 ramp to go east. Too funny!
    hey im 18 gettin my m2 soon, and a cbr 125.. u said u had a quote for 1300??? where do u live n what company was this
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