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  • Hey I just added you to my contacts if you plan any other trips, I also noticed you live in b-town hit me up if you wana ride.
    Hey did you ever get those F2 wheels on your VF500? I'm in need of new tires, and would love something stickier than whats available in the crazy VF sizes
    Saw you post about Northern Ont. trip you're planning.

    Forget Iroquois Falls - Nothing there to see other than some rapids and a dying town (mill is closing soon and that's the only employer in town). No motel accomodation there either anymore (funny story behind that situation too). It is approx. 80km east of Timmins and road between is pretty boring.

    Looks like your route up from Sudbury is Hwy #144? That's a pretty nice road - not spectacular tight curves but nice high-speed crusing and not much in the way of buildings or towns between Sudbury and Timmins. Gas up in Chelmsford and then again at the trading post just south of Gogama. Try not to travel that road between dusk and dawn though - lots of moose; deer even black bears on that highway. Hope you get good weather & enjoy your trip.

    Hey...thanks for the rep point :) I started that thread for those times when people are having a crappy day and need a smile or two...
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