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    It's coming

    i understand the whole "stay home" bit, but in the same PSA's that keep saying to stay home, they also say to practice social distancing and/or stay 6 ft. apart. Is it stay home or social distance? I assume this is more to do with people that have to go out for whatever reason, such as work...
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    Service Ontario Service Interuption........

    I just renewed mine yesterday online as well and get the temp papers for it. Birthday is in November, you still pay the whole year. No line up, no wait time, no exposure, all from the comfort of my desk!
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    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Warzone is pretty cool. I built a new PC for gaming over xmas and didnt really play much. I really wanted to get COD but the price was still around $70-80 which is crazy considering sales go on regularly so i waited. Warzone dropped and so did the price of the standard version a few days later...
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    Stupid things people do in these times

    Some people just don't care to be honest. We all saw the "young and invincible" at the beach. Just cause some are older doesn't mean they give a **** either.
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    WTB - Ram mount parts

    OverRyde submitted a new listing: WTB - Ram mount parts - WTB - Ram mount parts Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB - Ram mount parts

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a few ram mount parts that i need. I currently have the u-bolt base but i am missing the u-bolt itself. Tried the local hardware store but didn't find a working one. Also trying to get my hands on an x-grip for my phone. If anyone has one they no longer use, please...
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    TV shows currently watching

    Currently watching the following series: -Billions -Lucifer (just started this one) -Brooklyn 99 -Atlanta (just finished) -Last man standing (getting old... i think its time to pull the plug on this one) -Many Nick Jr and Disney Jr shows... ask me anything about Muppet Babies or Puppy Dog...
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    Royal Distributing Tent Sale

    Yeah that makes sense, 100% dick move. I'm surprised this is not an illegal practice. Something tells me that if this was in Quebec it would never fly. (consumer protection laws in QC are much more strict there). And here is the thing, i would have still bought the unit would the real price...
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    Royal Distributing Tent Sale

    Check you sticker prices. I just noticed that their advertised retail price is way above the real price based on their own sticker underneath the red tag which was taped to the box. Red tag claims retail price of 289.99 with 40% off, on sale for 174.88. sticker under tag appear to say original...
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    Royal Distributing Tent Sale

    Some great deals out there (Guelph) and not too busy, just left there now with a new jacket and comms. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using mobile app
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    Moto comms: to mesh or not to mesh?

    Morning everyone! Heading out to the tent sale today in the hopes of finding some deals! One of the things i am interested in is in a bluetooth set. I understand the newer tech is DMC (mesh) which allows many more riders to interconnect vs bluetooth only. One of the devices i was looking at is...
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    Royal Distributing Tent Sale

    Thanks for the flyer, is that the only one posted? I will most likely make the trek to Guelph in hopes of finding a nice set of pants (jeans). thanks!
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    Gear: where do you buy?

    So i'm window shopping online at the two main Canadian stores: GP and F9... and i am noticing that they pretty much have the same prices, give or take a few cents... I am also looking at local stores and again, prices are pretty much on par to one another. So where do you guys shop for gear? I...
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    Looking for suggestion

    Thanks everyone for all the info and shared Kijiji posts! Thanks to @taximan62 for hooking me up with a Ninja 250! See you all on the road! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using mobile app
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    Please stop me from selling my bike...

    @black_CG2 My company is currently hiring. Travel insurance industry. No sales but travel assistance for clients. No sure if this is something that interests you. Bilingual? Cheers

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