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  • Hi K1200RS,

    Thanks for your advice on the job hunt. I should clarify; I don't have three degrees. I have a Diploma in advertising, and two post-grad degrees (Public Relations, and Media Marketing and Sales).

    I'm obviously looking for something in my field(s) of study since I've got a lot of unique experience.

    I am limited to the Toronto area by lease, or I would explore the options out of province. Hell, I explored my options out of the Northern Hemisphere when the market was good.

    I agree and have been looking into the day labour positions. I am finding it a difficult balance of finding something to cover bills while allowing me to continue to search for meaningful work in my chosen field.

    I appreciate your offer on the resume advice. If you're willing to send your email address, I'll forward my CV.

    Thanks again for taking the time to offer your help. It's sometimes hard to find anyone willing to help a fellow person out.

    Best regards,

    James "Lucy" Lewis
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