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    Car Recommendation for My Daughter

    Toyota Corolla Toyota Camry Toyota Matrix Pontiac Vibe Bonus points... XRS trim,
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    Struggling financially and getting frustrated?

    The rich only get richer (it seems) by screwing others over. This is a sad realization I have come to because I grew up thinking working hard and playing fair would accumulate wealth Oh well :( EXAMPLE... Kasey Wong (a-hole landlord), Donald Trump etc Work example... They tell you they will...
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    Justin Time He caved......
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    Home surveillance/security setup

    +1 Setup a Synology with surveillance station licenses
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    Is Doug ford done?

    They botched the school opening -_-" He better enforce shutdowns instead of all speak if cases continue to rise.
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    2006 sv650s suspension upgrade

    I own a 2006 SV650 too! I just changed the front by buying stiffer racetech springs from fortnine and rebuilt the forks with heavier oil. The forks on the sv650 were not that difficult to DIY at all. While doing that I also changed the front brake lines to SS ones. Happy boy :)
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    Stopped going to the gym... #s are spiking in town :(
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    ^ Sounds like fun. I purchased into Exro Technologies Inc instead
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    DOC sold @ 1.80 -> bought more when it dipped -> past $2 now CTS sold @ 1.80 -> bought more when it dipped -> past $2 now PAI - still stuck in 0.2xx SCR - finally we are getting traction. $1.00 + is coming loaded up on XAW with all the money from sales when the tech stocks "crashed" last...
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    Xpel paint protection recommendation needed

    My go to is STEVE Elevated Auto 2250 Markham Road unit 4 Scarborough, ON M1B 2W4 : ElevatedAutoGTA Instagram : @ElevatedAuto CX5 has very thin red paint but the PPF has done a decent job. After ~3 years there are some nicks/tears (we take it on dirt roads /...
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    Impersonating a police officer
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    Daily sports car?

    The x drive system in the BMWs are pretty RWD biased. But you are correct, it will be less of a drivers car.
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    Daily sports car?

    Wow 😮
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    Thinking of buying a big boy bike

    I meant the naked bike, fixed it
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    Daily sports car?

    ^ I really liked the GT fastback 8 cylinders for under 40k is nice but the insurance for it was insane :( I was getting quoted 3500 - 4000 before adding on my bike. I live outside of the GTA and 1 minor ticket. Oh well

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