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  • Hey Kris - I did get it late this afternoon. I sent you an email - give me a shout 416.727.4879 to make some plans. I might go to the waterfront this evening to watch the sun set...give a call if you want to go. You're staying about 10-15 minutes from me.
    hi Erik, not sure email of mine arrived, sent to office address. if not then hello frm Toronto. struggle with both jetlag and email, lol hope to meet you soon. back to bed now:)
    well done - shared common areas can be dodgy....we're having rain, G20 in town, military jets overhead, helicopers, protests.....all fun!!:icon_smile:
    I'll catch up with you on email later.
    Yes, googled Tartu College, good location. Similar price in Dovercourt $29, own room and bath though :) Finished study right now, weekend starts with tons of ice cream and BBQ..hmmm see ya....
    Great to hear. Keep in touch. Did you look at the Tartu College spot. Nothing fancy either but at $35/night at Spadina / Bloor.... Hope you have a great weekend too.
    Hi Erik,

    Have found accomodation in Dovercourt rd. DT. Nothing fancy, but better location than Mississauga, near to subway station, internet cafe, shopping centre. Wish you great sunny weekend. Warm greets :)
    Pleasure to meet you too. Yeah - quite surprised to see you at that hour!! I was late too - traffic was exceptionally bad that day - actully really bad every day recently. Don't know what's up.
    Hey it was finally nice to put a name to a face today. Sorry i couldn't chat longer i was already very very late lol.
    Ya i work for astral media and its 12 hour shifts..7:30am to 7:30pm and yes the pay is pretty good. If you ever see me around give me a wave.

    P.s. Common it was a pretty dumb as move to leave the lights on lol. In my defense the steering lock is only one turn away from the switch for my lights.
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