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  • Thats right sir I did, I got an 04 RR, its gonna be sick once I am done modding it.
    Lets go for a ride sometime, let me know.
    CBR is awesome, love it.
    Dude! I just saw the EX500 yesterday. I was at Sheppard and Mcowan and I saw the bike. I turned around and chased it down to find out that it wasnt you! Man is that bike mangled! I talked to the new owner and he hit a curb and crashed it. Its too bad you sold it though, heh upgraded already, I would say thats pretty quick.

    You got a photobucket shot of your new bike? is it brand new 09 ?
    Yes, just this week I got it road ready. Its so fast, I almost miss the clean, stable predictability of the EX500. Hows the repairs going? I miss it already, you're going to really enjoy riding it.
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