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  • I'm torn, a guy wants to come on Friday and look at her and he says he is bringing a trailer! I really don't have time to ride since I'm at my restaurant 7 days a week, so it's hard to justify paying the insurance for something I rarely use. As well my insurance is up for renewal in June and I'm hoping RBC does not pull my MVR as I have 4 minor tickets, which will increase my premiums significantly if they find out. Again if they increase me, it will be hard to pay the premiums and not ride much.

    I feel like I need to be interviewing people to see if they are worthy of riding my baby!

    Believe it or not my wife is against me selling it, even though I told her if I did I would use the money to take the family to Disney World.

    So yes it's still for sale unless I get cold feet.

    Is your bike still up for grabs? I may be interested, also sent a fellow your way that might be as well.
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