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  • Hi Chris, I'm still here and the site is up. Your internet provider might be blocking the server? any ways if you need to get a hold of me give me a call at 416-889-8769 or email glen@fsmotorcycle.com I dont get on the gtam site that often :)

    It is pretty much a new bike and he's asking $4,100 or OBO? So why does he want to sell so fast? I don't know what it sold for but it would be easy to google and find out.
    Maybe $4,100 is close to the original price. Maybe he needs the money bad cause he just lost his job. Find out.
    Spidey sense says, Quebec guy selling in Ottawa so the word Quebec doesn't show in the ad (Quebec/Montreal the stolen bike capital of Canada) Could just be my cynical side but when someone wants to sell fast there is a reason, find out. It can work to your advantage as long as the bike is legit. You don't want to get stuck with a stolen bike.
    If you are not in a hurry, kijiji and craigslist are filled with good bikes for sale at the end of the season - 3 months from now - They will be in the GTA and there will be lots to choose from.
    Ask yourself this and answer honesty, if you drive all the way up to Ottawa, do you really think you are going to drive back empty handed?
    Probably not.
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