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Thread: --> these are the guys to go to

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    680 --> these are the guys to go to

    No relation, blah blah blah...

    I called these guys for a ticket I got, they not only suggested I go it alone, but also offered free advice and follow up.

    From the great reviews and recommendations I've seen on this site from others, combined with my personal experience, these are the only ones I would go to for my next ticket.
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    Re: --> these are the guys to go to

    i went there for 2 of my tickets..
    i dealt with a guy called henry..

    great place, no BS.. none of those fancy promises and crap.. very experienced..down to the point..

    1st ticket 173km @ 100km got thrown out... they did a few trips to brockville for me.. good thing that was before the new bill...

    2nd ticket was illegal driving in the HOV lane.. got it reduced to fail to obey sign...


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