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I've read some of your stuff from your accident, nasty bit of business
so you have different insight into the issue than I may have

but I'd still like to see AB as optional coverage
many have extended health benefits through work
that will cover off the shortfalls of OHIP

it should be our choice to buy the extended coverage
or pass if we don't need/want duplicate coverage

but it's unlikely to happen
AB came about, around the same time as the FedGov was trying to balance their budget
they did it by cutting transfer payments and downloading services to the provinces
Ontario found a way to download part of the biggest public expense - healthcare
to our private auto insurance

the bone they through to the insurance industry to go along
was they eliminated the right to sue except for extreme circumstances

game, set match - Ontario rate payers got hosed
then the fraud started, and AB became the most expensive part of an auto policy
So if I understand correctly, the gov is using auto (vehicle) insurance to prop up the health care funding, while giving insurance companies incentive by almost guaranteeing them some kind of way to make (more) money. While not going after people defrauding the system, because they can use this to charge more.

If this is the case, ya I have to agree it is fixed, (gov won't want to loose that revenue stream or can't), and we are f'd.

But we should try anyway. This is a democracy right?