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Thread: The confusion of car buying

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    Re: The confusion of car buying

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobbie48 View Post
    Other than the odd demo most used cars I see on dealer lots look like lease returns or daily rentals, 50,000 - 60,000 Km, 1-2 years old. I know it's a crap shoot on buying an unknown history vehicle but again any comments?

    For less than a new base model you get a well equipped used.
    The demos I was looking at were true dealer demos (test-drive vehicles). At relatively low km's (+/- 10,000 depending on brand), the dealerships want to dump them as they don't want to switch from manufacturer provided financing to private financing.

    My wife used to have an ex-rental focus (and it had been in an accident). It was priced right. It was retired at 250K with a bad transmission bearing. Not sure if that was related to its history or not.

    Normally I agree with you and try to buy used, but for some vehicles, the $'s dont work as expected. When i bought a TDI in 2013, it was more than $1000 cheaper to buy a brand mew one at a dealer than a two year old used one. Sure, maybe I could have haggled the used one down some, but not nearly enough to make it worthwhile.
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    Re: The confusion of car buying

    Quote Originally Posted by crankcall View Post
    I'm more interested in why anybody would take a 6x10 trailer loaded to the tits with furniture and back from San Diego?
    We brought furniture etc. to my husband's son who had just been married, just had a kid and as a US Marine was stationed out was to help them get started out in life...we came back empty...😎


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