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Thread: Why aren't radar detectors legal in Ontario?

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    Re: Why aren't radar detectors legal in Ontario?

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    As Private Pilot eluded to it can make a considerable fuel consumption to go much faster. I tried a few times and set my cruise at 100 km. I could easily get 4 days commute comfortably per tank. At 110, I can get approx 3.5 days of commute, but just barely. At 120 km, I can barely get 3 days in, the low fuel light comes on about 3/4 of the way home on the third day.
    IIRC, wind resistance and aerodynamics start to become significant between 90-100 km/h. Up until then, the vehicle is spending more energy overcoming inertia and friction. After that, it's more about compressing and displacing the atmosphere in front of the vehicle. Pumping/compressing is energy intensive. That's why planes tend to cruise at high altitude, right? You can move more efficiently in a thinner atmosphere as long as you have enough air for lift and engine operation.
    If getting the bike ready and getting around with it means you'd rather take the car? You have the wrong bike.


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    Re: Why aren't radar detectors legal in Ontario?

    Precisely, a LOT of people with suspended D'L will simply transfer the vehicle to a relative. A plate check reveals nothing on file, but the driver is in fact suspended.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riceburner View Post
    not really. Plate just IDs the owner of the vehicle, not the driver.

    Gonna try setting at about 110 and see.

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    Re: Why aren't radar detectors legal in Ontario?

    So has anyone used a radar detector successfully on a motorcycle? How did you install it and what brand did you use? A few decades ago I removed the LED light and rewired/installed it next to my visor, removed the on/off switch and wired it to my thumb and used a snowmobile communicator battery pack to power the unit. Nothing attached to the bike and whole system was all on my person. I never got caught but I think it some how got damaged by rain/moisture. I know it saved me more than a few tickets. I have not tried another one since. Still curious about potentially beating big brother at their own game lol. I heard the opp 'have a wall-of-shame' for confiscated RDs somewhere near Kinston... I don't ride too radically but like to have a spirited ride now and again if the conditions are right and it's not going to piss anyone off. The whole subject fascinates me. Happy apexes.


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