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    Re: Excessive tire wear

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    Would there not be a little light saying no oil??? or is that only in the Hyundia performance guage package?
    No oil light or warning light of any kind came on, the car drove well for about 2000km after the last oil change. Dropped my wife off at the mall in Newmarket and I heard a light ticking noise only under load. decided to drive the ~3km to the dealer, and it seized halfway there. They tried to tell me at first that the clutch had blown up, I told them they were incorrect. Then they said the transmission was probabaly the issue, I told them again, incorrect, my motor is blown. They called me a week after dropping it off and told me the engine had a catastrophic failure. I said "I know." haha
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    Re: Excessive tire wear

    I had the general Altimax arctic installed. Very weird handling. The car has a noticeable delay for steering response. I guess it's very sensitive to what tires it has. I put the pressure up to 38psi and it's better. Too bad. I really like those tires on the A4. They dampen the harsh winter roads but they have great handling. All my western drives were on those tires and they handled great on mountain roads.

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    Re: Excessive tire wear

    So glad I found this post.

    I have a 2016 Elantra and itís horrible on tires, almost to the point Iím considering trading it in. The back end hop is a pain in the ***** and Iíve had issues with the traction control coming on during the summer for no reason as well as the radio screen going blank but still functional.

    Iím on my 2nd set of winter and summer tires and may need new summers sometime next year. I have 120Kís on it.

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    Re: Excessive tire wear

    Looks like there are some coilover kits available for the sedan. I'm not sure but a while ago I read the suspension between the sedan and hatchback(gt) were different. Are they just different spring rates/shocks or physically different and not interchangeable.

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    Re: Excessive tire wear

    Wonky rear end motions on bumps sound more like bushings or something else flexing and causing bump steer or compliance steer. (The bump impact is moving the axle back slightly which "steers" the axle a little bit.)

    Minor digging finds that it's a replaceable rubber bushing that presses into the pivot of the axle.

    Those bushings have voids in them and are designed to flex to reduce noise and vibration transmitted to the body. They also have to flex in order to allow suspension movement. They do eventually wear out ...

    The bushings that some other manufacturers use, are asymmetrical to allow the bushing to flex in certain directions more than others so that the ride and NVH functions can be better separated from the handling functions. It doesn't look like the Hyundai bushing is that sophisticated but it's hard to tell on the parts diagram (which is all I have to go on).

    For some cars, you can get aftermarket bushings that are stiffer ... but NVH will get worse. Making urethane bushings isn't impossible. Filling voids in the stock bushings isn't impossible, either. No guarantee it will fix the problem. You can't make them completely solid because they inherently have to flex with suspension movement.

    Some of the bump steer / roll steer / compliance steer is built into the design of the twist beam itself, and if Hyundai messed that up, there's not a lot you can do about it.

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    Re: Excessive tire wear

    If the suspension has more resistance on one side then the other (from any number of things),
    that will certainly pitch the car sideways on bumps. <- might even account for the weird tire wear on both sides

    air bags are a nice way to settle a suspension.
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