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    Furance Blower Motor

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    hello guys, my furance blower seems to not to be working. I haven't replaced anything yet, just doing some research online but was wondering a place that sells furance blower motor in the Missisauga ( live in Streetsville) the furance is a lennox 1997 installed, with GE capacitor 5uf. I can't tell what brand the blower motor is yet. So a place that deals with this type of stuff would be great. thanks inadvance
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    Re: Furance Blower Motor

    Search google maps for “electric motor” and you will almost certainly find several options. Unfortunately not all of them are apt to be open on weekends

    Make sure to have the existing motor tested before just assuming that’s the problem – it could be a relay or control board somewhere else simply not sending power to it to begin with – if you have a test meter you can at least do most of this at home by confirming there is voltage at the motors terminals when there is supposed to be.
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    Re: Furance Blower Motor

    Check the capacitor...
    I "thought" my motor was toast too until I tested the capasitor.

    It was a 10 minute DIY with a $7 part.



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