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Thread: Need legal help/advise

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    Re: Need legal help/advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiNK666 View Post
    Can't you just hire someone to photoshop and call it a day?
    I have seen people do a post-wedding photo shoot. You get to pick a day with great weather and a beautiful location that may not have been accessible on your wedding day. With much work, you could probably make a couple believable shots of your wedding day.

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    Re: Need legal help/advise

    Quote Originally Posted by Pistachio Nuts View Post
    This matter will all depend on what's in your contract. He delivered the goods to you, just not to your standards. Does the contract specify some sort of a quality guarantee? However, the business offered you a resolution to fix the matter. But you refused. This is likely not a slam-dunk case.
    Gee I guess you will accept any kind of garbage any contractor will give you?

    The OP hired what he thought was a professional, which meant professional results. What he described as issues are basic items a pro would have dealt with or would have gotten right before handing over the deliverables. An out of focus picture is not acceptable and has nothing to do with someone's standards.
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    Re: Need legal help/advise

    OP - I get your frustration, there are few feelings that sting worse than the feeling that you got ripped off, we've all been there at one point to one extent or another, but spending more time and energy on it will not make you feel any better at this point. I would try to have someone else contact the guy to and try to come to an agreement with him, and if that doesn't work write it off as the cost of a lesson learned.

    SCC is not what you think it is, you will spend time and $$ and they will likely not give you the result you are looking for, in fact even if they rule that the guy has to refund you and cover your court costs good luck collecting from him if he is the small fly by night photographer you describe him to be.

    not that its any consultation at this point, but most people here are right, no one looks at wedding pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 油井緋色 View Post
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    Re: Need legal help/advise

    Quote Originally Posted by Hack View Post
    So you're out some $ and stuck with some bad pic's..?
    Sucks, but... you probably hired this guy cuz he was cheap.
    Rest assured though... No one really wants to see your wedding pictures and pretty soon you won't even be able to find them.

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