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Thread: Marriage and Insurance Rates

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    Re: Marriage and Insurance Rates

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    It would likely depend upon the size of the claim, under $20,000 they aren't likely to give it much consideration... a few hundred thousands... or millions... you can bet they will look for ANY loophole to deny coverage.

    They have been trying to figure out a way to deny my coverage, at every turn, so far claim is about $36,000.

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    Re: Marriage and Insurance Rates

    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    my wife holds an M license resulting in a slight increase to all my motorcycle insurance costs,
    even though she can't ride those bikes. ymmv.

    ... well actually if I ride pillion on the BMW and put my feet down when we stop, she could maybe ride that one
    Strangely that happened to me too (she got to M2). My ins co suggested I make her primary on the cheapest bike -- that's cheaper than having her impact all the rides.

    My wife gave up riding, I had to get a waiver staying she won't pilot my bikes.
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    Re: Marriage and Insurance Rates

    Quote Originally Posted by MLadin View Post
    So moral of the story is

    "Ontario, where fun is illegal."

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    I just spat my drink out...


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