hwy 115/7 repaving work being done from hwy 35 to the parkway, single lane
hwy 36 is clear and nice road litte suprise after the 115
hwy 507 is same as usual
hwy 3 clear and fun
hwy 118 from carnarvon hwy 35 to bracebridge county line, looks like newly paved, not a single bump, probably the best conditioned road I have ridden up there.
hwy 19 (haliburton) was probably the worst road, pot holes, the road change to "chip seal?" lots of wet leaves buiding up. take the worst part of the 507 and you have the 19 I would avoid the road with the all the wet leaves sticking to the road.
hwy 14 was clear and road surface is good, no complaints

Much of the day was overcast , windy and getting colder but the tiny moments the sun peak out and lit the fall colours it was stunning.