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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

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    I've had tremendous success in the past with a no/low carb diet. Last time, I started around 270 and ended up around 198. It was about that time that I had a catastrophic life event and reverted to eating alot of garbage and I'm now back over 250. I just went back to my previously successful plan and after a few days of withdrawal, I'm feeling better than I have in a while. I find that although I crave carbs all the time, they make me feel like ****. I don't mean like a defeated feeling, but I mean bloat, lethargy depression etc.

    My basic routine for the most part is Leanfit Naturals brand whey protein from Costco($39.99/2kg, best tasting and most economical I have found) for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner kale salad(kale supermix to which I add chopped red onion, chopped celery, kalamata olives and light dressing) with a well spiced lean meat, most often chicken breast. For variety I vary salad dressings and meat spices. Shawarma salad is one of my favorite things in the world. Last time around, I ran with a monthly cheat day. It's not an all day bingefest, but it is a day of mild indulgence that allows me to revisit some vices, partake in holiday festivities with family and it resets the slump when progress slows down.

    Biggest cut is beer. I've been drinking alot of beer since I fell off my diet, and the solution to that is spirits. A bottle of bud(which I can take down a good many in a short period), is good for 145 calories and 11g of carbs. An ounce of vodka is 64 calories and 0 carbs, avoid the flavoured spirits, as they are usually sweetened with sugar.

    Tired of feeling how tight my bike jacket is. If/When I reach my goal, then I may reward myself with keeping the R6 and getting a power ranger suit.

    BTW.... Don't want to give the impression that I'm just using a crash diet and sitting at a desk all day. I have a physically intense job, and as I return to feeling better about myself and motivation increases, I'll be getting back into my former gym routine. And yes, without carbs I feel more energetic than with.
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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    Nice post thx and good luck to you...

    My wife has told me my skin looks much better. I myself dont notice that much of a diff but I see it all the time. Yes my wife sees me all the time too but in a different way or not as much I guess. Anyways she has mentioned it several times to me. I think I'm working on my third week and it's getting a bit harder eating only meat but I'm making due.

    I cannot wait till the 6th week is over to add veggies OMG!!!

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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    Oddly changing my blender has been a bit of a game changer for me. I’m eating plenty more home made soup with fresh veg than before and smoothies with all sorts of healthy crap in it. I had a kitchen aid before and it did a fine job but the new one just pulverizes anything I throw at it into a nice smooth texture whereas the kitchen aid was a bit gritty at times. The difference in texture makes everything taste better. Seeds get pulverized down, skin on veggies (sometimes the healthiest part) gets liquidized too. I chuck oats and dates into breakfast smoothies and you don’t even really notice them. Adding ginger chunks makes juice drinks zing. It’s been awesome so far.

    Still won’t stop me eating bacon sandwiches though

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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

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    Still won’t stop me eating bacon sandwiches though
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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    So are you teasing us making us wait for you to post the new blender or what??? LOL

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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    Quote Originally Posted by perferd View Post
    So are you teasing us making us wait for you to post the new blender or what??? LOL
    Sorry I posted a while ago in the dinner thread. I got a refurb vitamix on sale with some coupons stacked. It was still around $300 but it has a pretty good warranty too.

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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    Today was Really Hard and I still have another meal to go lol. It's getting stupid only eating meat and I'm becoming sick of eating the same crap over and over.

    Damn I am not sure I can make the 6 weeks. At first i was like 6 weeks no big deal but this **** is real lol...

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    Re: Gonna try it...sugar carbs dairy...

    I'm not sure how or why but the past 2 nights I have slept through the night and got about 6hrs each time. I dont believe it was rem sleep but it's better then anything I've had in forever. Funny thing I have like no energy eith of the past 2 days. Today is even worse like I could just pay down in the street lol...


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