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    Toronto Elections

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    I have no idea what's going on. Thanks Doug.

    35 running for mayor, mostly unknowns. I guess it looks good on your resume when you apply for a job at Walmart, once ran for mayor.

    22 other runners for various Councillor / trustee positions.

    The attached site lets you do some research but the first mayoral candidate had communication issues. A lot of candidates had no contact information.

    Plug in your address and do your thing.

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    Re: Toronto Elections

    There's an election coming up. The riding are the same as provincial and federal ones.
    I'm not sure how/why you wouldn't know that that's going on, and it's been in the papers for weeks, so it's on you, not Doug.

    Typical of the city. Was someone's inlaw with no experience hired to build the site? I found if you edited the links you can get them to go to the right places.

    I'll be looking to find the best non-leftwing nutbar candidate. I think mine needs a break from office for a while.
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