Did I mess up my M1?

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Thread: Did I mess up my M1?

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    Did I mess up my M1?

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    I spent hours in line a couple of weeks ago to write my M1 test and I passed. I got a yellow form.

    Apparently, I heard from my motorcycle course, I need to have a green sheet of paper.....was I suppose to line up again to get them to process my results or something?
    • If this is indeed the case does this mean I have to write the test again and pay the ~20 dollars?
    • Or is it possible for them to process my previous results if so do I have to go back to the same location?

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    Re: Did I mess up my M1?

    Go back to the service Ontario, bring that yellow form, and a receipt, and ask them to print you your temporary license. Because you currently don't have one. If you have your drivers license, it should have one of those "for photo ID only, to be paired with blah blah blah" stickers on it.
    Pretty sure that yellow form is actually just your test results.

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    Re: Did I mess up my M1?

    Congratulations you're half way there! what are you going to ride?

    ... I honestly can't answer your question but I expect a lot of government employee types get paid big bucks to answer that question,
    with any luck the green form is actually a yellow form and the course person in green/yellow colour blind

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    Re: Did I mess up my M1?

    You are supposed to take the yellow form test to the next boot inside the test room as well and get your M1 license paper. I guess you missed that part.

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    Re: Did I mess up my M1?

    Oh oh, now it sounds like you are only 1/4 of the way there take another number or go to the back of the line.


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