Wheel storage racks/tire trees

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Thread: Wheel storage racks/tire trees

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    Cool Wheel storage racks/tire trees

    Single and double with or without wheels. All powder coated with stainless steel axle rods which have an extra offset to fit wheels with or without sprocket carrier.*
    Great way to protect those rotors from getting dinged or warming up another set of tires. Or just safe storage wherever.*
    I currently have red, blue, green, black and florescent yellow singles*ready to ship.*
    2 green doubles and 1 black single with wheels. Made up as well.*
    Singles - $100
    Double- $140
    Single with wheels - $150
    Double with wheels - $200
    That's Canadian funds and shipping and paypal fees is extra.*
    Wait time on anything not pre made is 2-3 weeks as this is something I do*in my free time. (Why cost is so cheap)and my powder coat guy is usually a week to 2*weeks depending on how busy he is.*
    Email me for pics of stands ( cant seem to upload for some reason)
    Best way to reach me is email,outtacontrol417@gmail.com*

    Treat it like you love it / Ride it like you hate it.

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    Re: Wheel storage racks/tire trees

    Have more of these made up and ready to go.
    Email me @ outtacontrol417@gmail.com
    Treat it like you love it / Ride it like you hate it.


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